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1986 Turbo Esprit HCI, very rare Essex Blue

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This is the only 1986 Turbo Esprit in USA in this colour, and the only one in the world any year with this combination of paint/leather/carpet according to Andy Graham at Lotus (I have certificate of provenance and a letter from Mr. Graham verifying these facts). Just to be clear, this is NOT an Essex commemorative car but it is very rare for being the Essex Blue colour.

I've had the car for three years and while I love it, it needs to be in hands that can provide better stewardship than I can give it. I've spent countless hours of hard work caring for this car and righting some wrongs committed by a previous owner, and it is in much better condition than when I bought it. Here's a list of what I've done:

C-Service performed less than 10K miles ago
Green dot (Euro-spec) cam sprockets
JAE silicone cooling hoses
JAE blue cambelt
Rebuilt water pump
Turbo intake duct upgraded to smooth-flow metal design
Alternator upgraded to Bosch AL299 90-amp
Clutch line upgraded to JAE braided stainless
New temperature sensor
New intake system gaskets
New oxygen sensor
New plugs and wires
New intake system vacuum hoses
New auxiliary air valve
New throttle cable
New fuel tank vent hoses
New fuel filter
New fuel-pressure accumulator
New rear suspension bushings
New ball joints
New shift-linkage bushings
New dual-trumpet air horns
New solid-state gauge-voltage stabiliser
Headlights upgraded from sealed-beam to H4/H1
New COBO UK-spec (amber/white) front turn signal lenses (original lenses inlcuded)
Speedometer rebuilt, cable drive upgraded
New upholstery approx. 50%
New hidden amplified radio antenna
New Kicker DS-Series loudspeakers (front and rear)
Radio updated by previous owner to Alpine CD circa 1996 (original manual and detachable-panel carry case included)
Clutch master cylinder rebuilt

The car spent most of its life in a dry climate and has NO corrosion of the chassis or suspension.

Cosmetically it is not perfect, but condition is still very good with only minor chips in the paint, no warps in the bumpers (most Esprit bumpers get a little warped with age), etc. This is a 28-year-old car and it does have a certain amount of 'patina,' but it still receives plenty of compliments wherever it goes- especially about the paint-colour! My main focus as owner was the mechanical condition, as I bought it to drive rather than to look at- but it looks good too. I have addressed the interiour condition though and have had some upholstery-work done in areas where the original leather was perished beyond hope. I have retained the original leather in all passable areas. The upholstery-work was done by a former interiour-trimmer from Panoz.

Also included: a small stash of spare parts and memorabilia, outdoor car-cover, repair manual/parts list CD-ROM, protective sleeve for roof-panel, custom-fitted sun shade with case, and a set of body-protection panels that were once used by Lotus dealers when performing engine repairs (I don't recommend using them but they are a VERY rare piece of shop-kit as most were discarded years ago).

This is an exciting, sweet-driving, wonderful car that will bring you joy for many miles.

Asking $17500.

Contact Ben at [email protected]