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1987 Esprit Turbo HCI drivetrain for sale

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Hi, I have a complete US ’87 Esprit Turbo HCI drivetrain for sale.

910 Engine:
Intake to exhaust tip
Some of the front accessories/brackets to the flywheel/clutch

Citroen Transaxle;
Bell housing to the inboard brakes and axles

Wiring harnesses and other running gear is also for sale.

A little history on this. I bought a 87 Turbo Esprit project car to transplant in a different driveline. The previous owner had the engine removed for rebuild(unknown reason) a few years ago. 56,xxx miles on the clock. The engine supposedly was rebuilt, but before being completely assembled, the rebuilder got into poor health and died. The engine lower end and head are assembled but the cams are loosely set on the studs. I have not opened it up any further and I really would not have the expertise(Lotus engines are not my forte) or time to check out the condition of the rebuild. So it’s basically a collection of possibly new/unknown parts.
- The intake, fuel injection system, and ignition system are in many, many, many pieces. I can not assume they’re complete or not and haven’t inventoried it against parts diagrams.
- Exhaust system from the heavy-ass manifold/turbo to the heavy-ass exhaust pipes/cat/muffler are here as well.

As far as I know, the transaxle is un-opened original 56,xxx mile condition. The gear change click through positions, the input shaft turns and the axles rotate as well. All without much play and slop. I definitely don’t know anything about Citroen transaxles so let me know if you want specific things checked and I’ll see what I can do.

I’d like for anyone interested to come check it all out. Or have someone in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area come check it out.
Make me an offer on anything or the whole lot. We’ll work out a reasonable deal.
There really isn’t any of these for sale often, so it’s hard for me to compare to previous sales and throw a price on anything.

PM me and I’ll give you my number and I can give you more details if you want and talk a deal.

Thanks, Rob

Posted here and in the For Sale section
Engine and trans pics. More on request.

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