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My friend stopped collecting receipts at $145K back in mid nineties.
After that, it came Quaife 6sp sequential (total junk), a few different clutches, the AP Brakes, center lock wheel conversion, Sparco CF seats, RBT ZF 25DS-2 5-speed manual transaxle (16,000) with BMW M1 CWP+LSD and shafts, new interior ($7,000), minor paint work ($3,500), the upgraded charge cooler and radiators, two more steering wheels (Sparco - pretty, great grip but too small and another Momo which is the right size but lacks all of the qualities of the Sparco), new ID 1000 injectors, etc. etc.
Power is in the 450+HP range, maybe 475 but it's limited by the GT3071R turbo.

In 1996, fitted Sport 300 intake valves and the ID of the intake seats were opened up to take advantage of the larger valve area. The seats were ground to 3 angles.

When the motor was first built with old T3/T4 hybrid turbo, factory chargecooler and OEM wastegate the motor produced 415hp and 368 ft-lbs on Hasselgren racing engines dyno at roughly 18psi of boost running through the stock cat, but no pre-cat.

Since then many improvements have been made. Mapping refinements, a knock retard system, an electric charge cooler pump, higher fuel pressure, a GT3071R turbo, a Random Technologies metal matrix race cat, a Tial wastegate and it now runs 22 psi. It now also has an Aquamist water injection system running a 50/50 mix of methanol and distilled water, injecting 500cc/min with the water injection also controlled by the ECU. In that guise it was run on a chassis dyno, making 450 crank hp and 400 ft-lbs. Turbo flows about 45lbs/hr.

Recent installation includes a custom built charge cooler with 3x the OEM core volume, and much less restrictive on both the air and water sides 9" x 33" Ron Davis Racing custom charge cooler radiator with a 1.25" core and 2" end tanks, two more electric charge cooler pumps to boost flow and a 21/4" core alloy radiator from Wizard.

Everybody has been very impressed with a ride. It takes a little seat time to get used to it. It'll be a very different driving experience to a V8, more like a F40, very visceral.
Folks who have driven a Porsche Carrera GT, thought that, at least up to 120mph, this car was comparably as quick. It won't do 200mph and probably is slower above 140mph, but it also costs 1/10th the going price for the Porsches ($540K to almost $900K).
Porsche Carrera GT in Cars & Trucks | eBay

Attached mod sheet was updated 2 years ago. Since then, the serpentine belt conversion and Denso lightweight alternator were added.
Motor still has the Bosch 351 injectors, but I have a set of the ID1000's, which are not installed yet. While there was a lot of weight stripped, ZF-DS25 transaxle, chargecooler, radiator and plumbing, water injection, etc. added some back. The S4's are close to 2900lbs. This car was built with a target of 2400-2500lbs.

The overall chassis mileage is about 25K with perhaps 15k on the motor post rebuild. The transaxle and clutch have around 7 or 8K miles as do the brakes. The wheels were custom made by Kodiak Motorsports; they're impeccable, 8.5" x 17" F and 11" x 17" rear. The tires are Nitto NT01 DOT race rubber. The rears have 5K miles and are half worn.

The car needs to be owned by someone prepared to maintain it himself, but it's far more reliable than a stocker and certainly it is the nicest and fastest G car in existence. That being said, it's a real hardcore car - no radio or A/C and a minimal heater, which does a good enough job down to 40F or so.

$200K includes the development costs, like the Quaife box which was over $15k (junk!), various break systems the Sport 300 transaxle with LSD which I also gave a ghost, 8 clutches, 9 turbos, etc. There's probably "only" $150K invested in the car as it stands, but that's excluding several thousand man hours at zero cost plus a great many parts purchased new over the past 20 years for much less than they could be had today, if you could even find them.

If interested, please PM me for details.


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• Fender flares changed from concave to convex to gain 1” of additional clearance, body seam and molding removed from flares
• Front inner fender wells modified for greater clearance
• Carbon fiber deck lid
• Hood ducted for radiator exit air
• SE ducting (inlet and side exits) incorporated into spoiler
• Side marker lights removed and holes filled
• All duct screens replicated in SS; screens added to holes beneath lower bumper
• Bumpers shortened 21/4” and 2”, F/R
• Fuel fillers replaced with Newton aircraft fillers
• Side scoops feeding engine compartment extended 1”
• “B” pillar, quarter window and headlight ABS trim replaced with carbon fiber
• Carbon fiber under tray
• Hand lay up radiator ducting and under panels to accommodate relocated radiator
• Battery relocated from rear boot to front. Optima battery in fabricated alloy box
• German wool loop carpeting in front and rear trunk areas
• Painted engine components powder coated.
• Rivnuts replaced with nut plates wherever possible
• Larger SS striker pins to better secure composite roof
• Custom trunk floor – stiffened and modified; coil / relay box eliminated
• Cardboard glove box re-fabricated in aluminum and lined in leather
• Front tow hook
• Roof and door seals replaced

Motor Mods
• Cylinder head short ported, manifolds and plenum back plate matched
• 1" plenum spacer, diffuser opened 6mm and radii added
• Full QED Valve train - lightweight steel tappets, springs, Sport 300, 1mm over size intake valves, billet 420 intake cam
• 104o cam wheels; QED adjustable pulleys as well
• Ceramic coated piston crowns, dry film coated skirts
• Thin wall, lightweight wristpins (- 45g/pin)
• Crower Ti I-beam rods (535g ea.)
• QED nitrated forged steel crank, knife-edged c/weights, lightened and balanced
• Main bearing girdle machined, windage tray perforated and 4130 oil scrapers fabricated to skim oil off crank and redirect it to sides of sump to minimize windage losses
• S4 Deep oil sump
• Fabricated mousetrap doors in sump
• Oil pump housing lapped(reduce clearance to rotor by 0.001" to increase oil flow)
• TiAL 40mm wastegate and 50mm BOV
• Fabricated 321 SS wastegate discharge adapter
• Lotus throttle bodies modified to incorporate ball bearings and oil seals
• Vacuum pump & A/C eliminated
• 14.5V Denso racing alternator, relocated and driven off single belt with water pump via S3 2 row crank pulley
• Remote oil filter, Pre-Luber, and twin 12” oil coolers; oil lines braided stainless
• OEM steel flywheel machined to trigger crank sensor
• Bosch 59 lb/hr injectors (measured at 3bar)
• SX Adjustable fuel pressure regulator set at 4.5 bar (flow increases to 72lb/hr ≈ 760cc/min)
• MoTec M4Pro ECU with Advanced tuning
• Motec PLM wide band controller w/ NTK U-EGO 5-wire O2 sensor
• Cylinders CC'd, block smoothed, complete engine balance and blueprint
• Tilton Superstarter
• GT3071R turbo w/ Jet Hot 2000 coated turbine housing
• Custom fabricated “S” compressor discharge
• S4 air box
• Pipercross foam panel filter element
• Crankcase breather tank
• Extrude honed and Jet Hot 2000 coated exhaust manifold
• Safety wired engine mounting bolts
• Fabricated tubular intake manifold stay/brace
• J&S Safeguard knock control system w/ Bosch flat response knock sensor
• Aquamist 2C water injection system fed by VDO booster pump from w/ Vortech 9qt reservoir mounted in original battery location
• Race quality throttle cable with swaged ends, threaded removable segment @ throttle body
• All external engine hardware nickel plated
Drive Train
• New RBT (ZF) DS25/2 5 spd with 40% LSD, ratios to order.
• 240mm AP Racing tuning clutch rated at 514 ft-lbs.
• Custom cable shift conversion.
• Modified Saab 900 hydraulic release bearing fitted to custom machined gearbox front oil seal retainer.
• Braided SS clutch line
• GKN Motorsport gun-drilled half shafts; lightened/honed CV joints w/ aero boots
• Bespoke bell housing
• 3” dia SS 304. Starter cat eliminated, OEM main cat replaced by Random Technologies 300 cell Metal Matrix Race Cat
• Rubber suspension bushings (incl. radius arms) replaced with NMB SS/Teflon aircraft spherical bearings/joints. All rod ends protected by boots, spherical bearings by Seal-it seals.
• Suspension hardware entirely replaced by AN fasteners
• Urethane sway bar bushings
• Front and rear suspension fully adjustable, Front upper A-arms modified for tire clearance and reinforced.
• Koni 3012 double adjustable alloy dampers
• Eibach 2½” springs
• A-arms, upper and lower links nickel plated
• Steering rack mounted in alloy pillow blocks, plastic bushing replaced with bronze, rack repacked in Redline synthetic grease, pinion preload re-shimmed

• Tilton balance bar – power brake servo eliminated
• AP racing master cylinders F&R
• 330mm x 28mm drilled, directionally vented rotors on alloy hats – F&R
• AP Racing radial mount 6 pot front and 4 pot rear calipers
• Ferodo DS2500 pads
• Braided stainless lines
• OMP brake and clutch pedals; fabricated aluminum throttle pedal
• Hydraulic parking brake valve

Wheels and Tires
• Center lock hub conversion. Custom 3 piece wheels: forged, shotpeened and hard anodized centers w/ polished outers. 17 x 8.5” front and 17 x 11” rear.
• Nitto NT01 tires 235/40-17 F and 315/P35-17 R.

Radiator flipped and relocated 7” rearward and upward; automatic air bleed line added
• Wizard alloy radiator 2.25” core, 3” tanks
• Exit air ducted through bonnet
• Lucas fans replaced with 8 blade pancake fans
• “Otter” switch replaced by VW 2 pole fan switch, 80C
• Single Setrab oil cooler replaced by twin 12” Earls coolers relocated to spoiler side ducts
Bell Intercooler custom chargecooler with three electric pumps (WC Engineering /Johnson Marine)
• Ron Davis Racing Radiators dual pass chargecooler heat exchanger w/ automatic air bleed
• Alloy cooling and chargecooler header tanks, black anodized
• SE coolant overflow bottle
• Heater core eliminated; heater/demister needs satisfied by redirection of radiator exit air
• Separate ducting added for cabin ventilation

Heat Management
• Double layers of foil/ceramic thermal insulation added to all factory heat shields
• SS heat shield for wastegate discharge (protects left inner CV joint)
• Wastegate adapter wrapped in turbo wrap; header wrap on down pipe and wastegate discharge
• Turbo blanket
• Factory heat shields repaired/reinforced with carbon fiber

Interior / Instrumentation
• Custom instrument pod, center console arm rest and revised dash
• VDO Vision back lit instruments w/ blue LED illumination
• A/C and sound systems deleted
• Electric servo controls for heater box / ventilation
• Speaker holes blanked off
• Motorized aerial replaced with light weight standard antenna
• New Sound deadening
• Interior carpeting replaced with Wilton wool
• Incandescent bulbs replaced with LED’s where possible
• Glove box remade in aluminum lined in lambskin
• “Knee vents” eliminated, water and fuel gauges relocated to center console
• Carbon fiber trim for I/P panel, center console, glove box door, door pull trim rings
• S2000 starter button (console mounted)
• S2000 hazard switch
• Sector 111 shift knob
• Alloy gear surround
• Alloy heater knobs
• Sparco Carbon seats upholstered in leather/Alcântara.
• Sparco “Ring” steering wheel in suede
• Interior appearance updated and re-trimmed in blue and black leather.
• Trunk carpets replaced with German wool loop carpet

• Cibié halogen light conversion; 55/60 low beams, 100W high beams.

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Wow--sounds like a unique and awesome build! Do you have more photos posted somewhere?
Thank you for your kind words. I will post more pictures here.

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That sounds phenomenal! Where are you located?

Will look forward to more pics. A few questions in the meantime. Why selling? Any current known issues? How does the chassis handle the power? Do you know what the final weight turned out to be?

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Rear brakes conversion.
Originally car came with Citroen transaxle/box and inboard Bendix brakes


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more pics
Radiator duct and serpentine belt conversion.


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