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This is a project car and is in need of a complete re-spray and interior refurbishment. Mechanically sound and currently in-use as my daily driver. Some mechanical work needed as listed below.
This car is NOT cherry, NOT pristine, and NOT for the non-mechanically inclined. But it can be made into a great running 89 with a bit of work. The base to start with is all there.

The car was built in Dec. 1988 and purchased from Spears Imports in Texas in 1989. I purchased the car from the original owner in Houston in Jan. 1992 with 1738 miles on the odometer.
The car still resides in Houston and currently has 125,638 miles showing. No break in mileage read has occurred. The car has always been garage kept but from having to be parked outside at work and just general age, accumulated wear and tear is in need of a complete respray.
The car passed state inspection, (including emissions), in 03/2012. No bribes were required.

Throughout the car has been mechanically maintained by myself and Star Motor Cars and some other speciality shops in the Houston area. Upgrades have been made to make the suspension perform better and the cylinder head was upgraded to S4 specs. There are many other mods that were made through the years to help make the car run better and drive easier and last.

Features shall list dates of installation as I can recall. If more info is needed feel free to inquire and I will dig up the paperwork to confirm the dates.

Fully upgraded supspension, front and rear. Upgraded coils with fully adjustable Gazmatic shocks, polyurethane front bushings and tapered bushings at the rear.
Stainless steel clutch and brake lines.
Short shift modified.
Clutch replaced at 86K miles.
Clutch slave and master cylinders replaced 2012.
New ignition cylinder (2008)
Complete set of spare rims and tires.
All wheels, including spare set, upgraded to 91 spec sizes.
Rear wheel spacers installed.
New front vertical links and bearings installed in 2011.
New front rotors, (2011)
Cylinder head upgrade, (valves and springs), to S4 specifications, (2008-2009).
Turbo upgrade.
Upgraded injectors.
Upgraded coil packs and ignition wires
Professionally cleaned and flushed radiator, oil cooler and A/C condenser.
New radiator undertray
Stainless steel hardware replaced OEM bolts whenever possible.
Custom exhaust manifold. Duplicates sold to many on this site, for reference.
Stebro light weight exhaust can and pipe, (lifetime warranty), re-packed in 2008.
Polydyne high temp coating on comlpete exhaust.
Stock ECU with (2) alternate high performance chips available. (Recomended for track use only)
New left side aluminum fuel tank with new pump and filter.
Refurbished and completely sealed right side OEM fuel tank.
New fuel tank breather hoses, old surgical rubber lines removed.
Blow off valve installed. Unit is adjustable.
Adjustable waste gate controller available, not installed.
K&N filter and re-routed air intake tubing (reduces OEM intake restrictions providing free air flow).
Driver seat lowered 1/2" and 4-point race harness installed along with stock seat belt.
Blaupunk stereo with cassette player - working.
Original spare and jack kit. Spare is good and completely usable.
90% complete intercooler parts for SE upgrade available, including an electric intercooler pump. Not installed.

Restoration work needed:
Complete respray and cosmetic details (ie; gaskets, door trim)
Complete interior redo, (carpets, leather, trim pieces, headliner if desired).
New belts soon.
The engine still performs but considering the mileage and age could stand a refresh.
Front and rear seals starting to seep, should be replaced soon, especially if the car is left to sit over a long period.

Original owners manual, Service and parts manuals available.
ALL service records, receipts, promotional materials from original date of sale available. It's quite a load after 24 years.

Car was dynoed in 2008/9 and produced 221 rear wheel horse power. Not bad considering it's original rated BHP was only 226 and that was in 1988/9.

There's more but just too much to list. I am moving on to other projects and need to move this car along to someone else to enjoy and hopefully bring back to it's former glory. I will be more than happy to help in any way possible with the restoration process, and answer any questions.

Asking $8500
Home: 713-880-1242
Work: 281-228-8243
email: [email protected]


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October 2012,

Purchased and installed new exterior door handles. Car is still in use as daily driver.

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Ric G.

Replied to your email but in case you go here first, yes the car is still up for grabs. A gent in Dallas has expressed an interest but no money has been put down.
Give me a call tomorrow at 281-228-8243 (day) or 713-880-1242 (after 5:30).

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