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1995 S4S coolant tank header tank

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Any of the S4S owners ever replace their plastic bottle coolant tank with one of the tanks from Andy Wiltshire?

Im currious as to fitment etc etc. Andy said that he was not certain as to the fit on a 1995 S4S. He added that he has sold a few to the US and that they did not come back... Any info would be great!
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Those look nice. Not sure if the S4s has the same signal wires as the SE for the low coolant in each tank?
I decided to just go with a header tank from lotus pbc. They hand make them and I know they will fit.
Top Right. This is a pic from their website


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speaking of the header tank....

how do you remove it? I was looking at a while ago, and it looks like you might have to remove the trunk/firewall/floor to get access to the bolts.

Is that correct? Ugh!!!
yeah boot floor should be removed for easy access to the twin header tanks 3 nuts. Otherwise you can get them undone with a bunch of U-joints from the fuel tank area but it is a real pain!
Gonna refresh for yhenry.
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