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Rare and Highly Collectable, Low Mileage Modern American Classic

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Great overall condition with only minor blemishes (see pictures). Enthusiast owned and maintained. All services up to date.

Newer REVOs with lots of tread left.

We took it through death valley this past April, and certainly would never have done so if we had any doubts about its reliability!

Mopar Performance ECU reflash featuring altered fuel and timing curves, transmission torque converter lockup points, and the speed

limiter is raised to 130+ mph (torque management algorithm maintained).

Robert Shaw 180 degree thermostat and Fel Pro Gasket allowing the Jeep to run cooler, keeping you away from spark knock.

Kolak 3" Mandrel Bent Exhaust System (vs kinked factory 2.25" pipe) with matched Flowmaster 70 series SUV muffler for an approximately

20HP increase, and a more aggressive (yet not loud or obnoxious) exhaust note.

$5,995 in Camarillo, CA
Contact John at 805.650.0000
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