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2 Must have detailing products

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it's been a long time since I posted but I wanted to let people know about 2 products that are really great that I discovered on the 6speedonline message board. The first is the CR spotless water purifier and the second is the Flex random orbital buffer. I don't have any affiliation with any of the products or 6speedonline but thought that Lotus owners might want to hear about these products.

First, the CR spotless. Since new car is black so I was skeptical if you could really wash the car and let it air dry without any water spots. So I washed the car and pulled it into my garage and let it sit. Shockingly the next day, nothing! So I would definitely highly recommend this to anyone who wants to minimize any chance of developing swirl marks or anybody who is just too lazy to hand dry the car. 6speed has a detailing forum and everybody swears by them. - Wash, Rinse, and Walk Away

Second is the Flex random orbital buffer. Although the Porter Cable is the industry standard, the Flex is more powerful, faster and has a greater ability to eradicate swirl marks and restore the paint. Haven't had a chance to try it on my Porsche yet but I tried it on my wife's Lexus and it really worked great. I'm a newbie to detailing and I found the flex very easy to use and was amazed at the results. Wife's car looks great and I'm planning on doing my car this weekend.
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