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So, I just got my car yesterday at noon!! I got a call from our pal over at Gonzaba Autoplex who said that some time that A.m my car arived! I went franic, considering I was under the impression the car was going to be a few weeks out! I have never risen from a dead sleep ever!!

I got to the dealership, googled over the car, wrote the check (cant stop kicking my self just yet for writing that large check), let the tech's finish with the car, and I was out on the open road!!

I took it easy on the car all day, just enough spirited driving to keep me at bay until the service is done (probably next weekend!)...

I got the hard top for my car, but after 50 miles with it on the car, I just had to take it off.. The out side was just so awesome. So Its sitting in my garage in his case! I am hoping to find a good way to store it in my garage today! Any idea's let me know!

I also purchased the stage 2 exhaust, but I wont install it for a few weeks just to get everything working first!

Here are some pics I took, these of 5 of the 5million I took! I got a little snap happy!!

Its early sunday morning, and I'm going for a drive!!

Off to the hill's,

Adam P





damn pics working

they are working on roadfly?? they work when i type the links in...

click these links if the photo's dont work..

five four three two first

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When they dropped my car off at Overseas on Friday, they said there the first Elise they saw was an Orange one. It turned out it wasn't their car. Instead my Aubergine was on there too. That must have been your car!

It looks great!

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