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Hit me with a PM if you are interested. I will post up a few pics when the weather clears up.

2000 Honda S2000

Annapolis, MD
70,500 miles

Red exterior
Black interior

6 speed with Voodoo shift knob (have the mint original one too)

RE-01 tires in stock sizes are fairly new and have plenty of life left

The first owner said that he put on the Spoon lower braces *edit* - forgot to say: it also has the Spoon front shock tower brace. I did look under the car and there are some cross brace looking things on the front and rear. I don't know if they are really that brand, but whatever.

The plastic rear window has a crack, but some Gorilla tape has solved this problem for the last year with no leaks or issues. Gorilla tape rocks. rotfl The new owner could replace the top if they cared to do so.

I dunno what else to say - it's basically a stock S2000. Overall condition is probably about average for a car with this many miles and this old. There are no dings, but there are a few small nicks to the front paint from rocks hitting the car (normal for any car that is this old).



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