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After two years of ownership, I'm selling my Esprit. I'm doing so because, having achieved my teenage dream and enjoying it for two years, I'm ready to sell so we can use the money for a down-payment on some land in NC. I am selling for 50k.

At the bottom of this post is the service history. The only problem I've ever had with it was a worn out battery and a hydraulic line that got chipped by a rock or something and needed replacing. Other than that, everything else has been done in accordance with Lotus service recommendations or to improve it (the Roose Motorsport Silicone Hoses and high pressure clamps). I've had a full A service done on it both years I've owned it to ensure I was keeping it as 'healthy' as possible. The last time I had it in the shop, Jason Pannell (Lotus trained mechanic who did all my work) said he'd have no hesitation "driving it to California and back." I've never tracked the car, I don't care how quickly it goes from 0 to 60 and I've treated almost pathologically well. Always garaged. The only issues are a 'dancing' odometer (which I heard was common), i.e. the digital readout of the odometer flashes on and off and in strange characters sometimes. (The mileage is 39,700). The knob for the heater control needs a new metal clip, but the heater works. I never got it fixed b/c I am very hot natured. There is a slow leak at one of the transmission seals that Jason told me not to worry about until the B service, that it was not significant enough to worry about right now. Other than that, it runs like a Honda. The outer color is New Aluminum and the interior is Magnolia with grey piping. It's the only Lotus made with this combination and sent to the U.S. that year (according to the Certificate of Provenance I got from Lotus, U.K.)

It has an upgraded Lotus sport exhaust (and I have the original one as well) and an upgraded radiator as well as the upgraded hydraulic line system. I put a new Alpine CD/bluetooth/stereo in it about a year ago.

Please contact me with questions and I'll be happy to answer as best I can. I have more pics as well upon request. I have not been able to locate service records for the period of 0 miles to 15,900 miles.

Thanks! Stephen

Service history:

08/01/07, 15,900; oil change
08/09, coolant flush/fill
04/17/09, 16,000; oil change
05/14/09, replaced O2 sensor and reset ECM
05/28/09, front and rear dampers replaced; springs seats for rear dampers and rear springs; new air and oil filter; around 1500.00
06/19/09, replaced four shocks; replaced knock sensor and heater hose; 1370.00
03/30/11, check engine light; ecu removed and sent to Lotus to reset values; light was due to incorrect programming within knock sensing circuit; customer said engine running hot; was due to failed OEM radiator; aftermarket radiator installed; coolant added and system bled few times so system could burp; new battery installed; around 1400.00
08/17/12, 22,400; oil change
05/05/14, 23,500; replaced both cam timing belts, water pump, oil change; around 3200.00
06/19/14, 22,250; taken in for error codes; new tires; replaced coolant overflow hose
07/20/15, 29,000; oil change; replace RR wheel bearing; RR O2 sensor; replace air filter; around 1100.00
08/11/15, new battery; replaced alternator; 900.00
12/09/16, 34,100; replaced O2 sensor; oil change; 320.00
01/17 brake/clutch fluid by AutoEurope; measured less than 1%; oil change by AutoEurope; Lotus Oil Filter used; transmission oil change- done by AutoEurope; PAS fluid change- Flushed January 2017 by AutoEurope; coolant change (done with 50% distilled water)- done by AutoEurope measures -35; wheel bearings serviced by AutoEurope
03/17 compression test done by AutoEurope, K&N air filters cleaned; spark plugs replaced using NGK V-Power Spark Plug copper by AutoEurope; cam belt tension checked
06/17 Pannell Motorcars replaced all coolant system hoses with custom Roose Motorsport Esprit V8 Silicone Hoses with high pressure clamps, 1300.00
03/18 Pannell Motorcars performed full B service
06/18 Pannell Motorcars replaced hydraulic line with custom steel-braided line
03/19 Pannell Motorcars performed full A service; installed new battery


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