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Hi folks -- looking to get back into an Elise/Exige in th every near future, but would like to find a great home for my Esprit first as I'm out of garage space.

It's an 03.5 Final Edition Esprit V8, Gunmetal Grey over Black, 11,850 miles.

Purchased from Hunting Ridge Motorsports, and then spent many $$ making it great - New transmission and new bushings all around plus a new front spoiler brought it to perfect, and I had the clutch replaced while the transmission was out just as a precaution. All work done at Star Motorcars, an authorized Lotus dealer in Houston TX

Known issues are as follows:

1) The new spoiler was ripped off the night I had it put on due to a steep driveway. Didn't bother with another one so the car is currently front spoilerless

2) The previous owner apparently removed the tire pressure warning system that was sort of a tacked on addition and sat right in front of the gearshift (Can't explain it any better - if you google the Final Edition Esprits you'll see what I mean)

3) Somewhere along the way, some doofus made an incorrect report to Carfax regarding the car's mileage and one Carfax entry shows the mileage as 38,000 and change. I have been working through Star to resolve this, but no dice. Carfax is seemingly like an annoying credit reporting agency - unless I can go back in time and unequivocally prove something DIDN'T happen, they don't want to hear it. I did retain the original emails from HRM and Wallabyguy here on the forum explaining this issue and assuring me the mileage is correct as reported on the Odometer.

That's it - it drives great, sounds amazing and looks incredible. It's currently hanging out at Star Motorcars (they are listing it for me also) and you can check pix out here.

All reasonable offers will be entertained. All unreasonable ones will merely be entertaining.

Thanks for looking!
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