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I apologize if this shows up twice eventually. I posted this two nights ago and it is yet to go live, so here is my 2nd attempt.

2003 Caterham SV
This car was built by Caterham USA in in 2003 at the Colorado facility as it was the first SV in the country. As such the build quality is excellent as it was prepared for the vigor of testing from the likes of Autoweek, Car and Driver and Automobile magazines (I have all the articles). I have owned it going on a year and it has been an absolute dream as there have been no issues, the car puts a smile on my face every time . So why would I want to sell it? A 2 year old at home and now another child on the way in the fall is changing my priorities and the time allowed to maximize the fun….oh and I can’t seem to get a kids seat in it even though it is the larger SV. I will say though that the SV was certainly a great decision over the S3 chassis for me. I am 6’2 with a size 12 shoe and this car very accommodating.
So what is noteworthy about this car apart from its history? It is in great shape, the paint is the original color. There is some natural wear and tear after 9,800 miles of fun but the car has always been garage kept and transferred from on enthusiast to another. I am technically the 2nd owner after Caterham relinquished ownership. It has a Ztec motor with a mild cam and an ECU, so it puts out about 160hp, plenty for a car weighing 1,350 lbs! It drives beautifully, in fact, you know those people that say, “no joy riders please”, well that is not me. Come on out and give it a whirl, you will not be disappointed.
The car has a few cosmetic flaws, most notably on the hood up by the windshield. Unfortunately the hood (which comes off completely) was set up-right and the wind blew it over and it got scraped when it fell. I have a close up of that. If you have more specific questions, please call or email me, I love talking to Caterham enthusiasts.
I am asking $32,000, I have all weather gear, doors, wind deflectors and spare keys. It comes with the four point harness seatbelts as well as a 3 point for getting around town. The car is registered as a 1967 Lotus 7 with the state of GA, I have a clean title stating that as well, so registration should be a breeze.

Let me know if you want more pics and of what, I have plenty.
and if you want to email me: take my user name and add
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