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2005 AR Elise - all options, 4,300 miles

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I "think" I might be selling and getting a 911 GT3. It all depends on the whether the Porsche dealer can deliver (says trade-in is coming this week).

2005 Ardent Red Elise with black interior. Hardtop, soft top, Sport Pkg, Touring Pkg, Starshield. 4,300 miles. Bone stock. No issues - not a single scratch. Never been tracked. All service up to date (not much needed with mileage).

Located in north metro Atlanta (Kennesaw). Asking $32,000. Again, contingent on the Porshe dealer delivering. Will post pictures later, but truly looks and smells brand new.

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+1 for Ben's car. It truly is like brand new. Sorry you're going back to the dark side, though!
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