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2005 Lotus Elise for sales $32,500obo
Email [email protected] or [email protected] (iphone)

I purchased my car from a Lotustalk member and would like to sell it to someone here so I can know it will go to a good home and be appriciated for what it is. I purchased it 4 years ago now with 12K miles on it and it has 22K miles on it now. I have way to many cars now and want to make room for the next big project I am going to be working on.

Pictures here Trueleo Lotus Products
I will add interior pictures tomorrow during the day, but the interior is black leather.

22K miles
Ardent Red
Touring pack
Sport pack
Comes with soft top
Front splitter
Exige grills front and rear
Vinyl stripes, can be removed
Trueleo side skirts
Trueleo side scoops
Difflow railer jr diffuser
rear mesh eliminator kit
black 2007 factory exige wheels
new direzza star spec tires 205 and 235
porterfield r4s pads
upgraded cable set (both)
painted center console black
airgel foam for drivers seat, makes it much more comfortable
55watt hid's,* it is like daytime driving
BWR supercharger kit
Charlie tune- custom for high flow exhaust and custom header
PPE header, custom for SC to 3" exhaust
ACT HDSS clutch
Fidanza flywheel
ARP flywheel studs
New battery
Custom 3" exhaust street muffler, sounds great and no drone
Extra custom 3" Borla muffler, louder, sounds amazing but louder
Stock exhaust manifold and cat
Stock stage II muffler, I kept these just in case next person wants to go this way
Sony head unit

Also have stock head unit you can put back if you like- no cut wires
Stock pads with a good amount of pad also included
Have the stock tires front and rear. Fronts are fine, but rears no so good. So if you want to switch back to those tires you would only need to buy the rears, but the star specs will last 10x longer and feel 98% as good. Best street tire I had had yet.

I have this car to where I wanted it to be and imagined it as the perfect Elise for me. It is amazing, but I am more of a project guy and do not keep cars for long so for me to have this car for 4 years says how good it is. It is an amazing car and really really fast with the BWR supercharger and CharlieX tune. I drove an S240 and then got the Elise and had to have the SC version. If you are debating on getting a SC or not, do not drive one or you will have to have it. It transforms the car and makes it what it should be.

The bad. The radio is just the Sony head unit and stock speakers. It works, but I have almost always just drove it with the radio off as I like to hear the engine. There are threads on upgrading the radio so if you are in need of a great sounding radio then you can have at it. That was going to be my last upgrade to the car and never got around to do it because I do not drive it that much and like the sound the exhaust and hearing the super whine. It is addicting. Other than that the car is super clean so just buy it, get in and drive it.

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Did this year Elise come supercharged or did you add it?

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Aftermarket supercharger made by BWR. I did not put a smaller pulley and it is the stock size.

I do have the stock diffuser also, forget to mention that.

I am located in the Fredericksburg VA area. I can help with shipping and put on a carrier if you are too far to look at it. I am going to take some interior pics this morning.

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Interior pics are up and I snapped a few of the engine. The pics are not great as I have not had time to do my really good spring wash yet, maybe this weekend if I have no other race car emergencies.

Some questions people have asked and answers
title- clean title in hand
accidents- none
prev owner- fellow lotustalk member Todd, I think his user is Lotus4Sale
Rock chips- the Starsheild does its job for sure. I have seen cars without starsheild and thought it was not a big deal to not get it, but I am super glad I did. I have seen them look like they have been sand blasted in the front. Mine only has a couple that are not big, but any used car will have a couple. I had to look good to find them.
Engine- no CEL's- CharlieX tune does it job very well
For sale somewhere else- not yet- I want to sell to someone who knows what a Lotus is and is a freak about the car like I have been. I know it is odd to not just want the money and run, but I would rather someone get it that will appreciate what it really is and what Lotus should be. I guess that the freaky Lotus fan in me.

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Forgot something. It has the Moroso larger alum oil pan installed and Mobile 1 oil, but I think most do that oil anway with our cars.

I also think I still have the stock flywheel and clutch, I just need to find them.

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I am glad to say the car sold to a LotusTalk member and it gets to stay in the family of totally OCD about Lotus community.
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