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Thoughts guys?

I'm thinking about jumping on it..
I was looking at that auction yesterday, lamenting over the fact that I used to see clean title 05 Elises for 25, frequently. But nowadays it is hard to get one that cheap unless it had high miles and track scars. They've been going up in value. In comparison, 4 cyl Esprit values are flat, or even lower than when I first started looking. And it is hard to find a good one, a car you can start driving immediately without needing a bumper to bumper overhaul. Whereas there is always at least 5-10 good Elises for sale.

I'd be weary of a salvage car. If the damage was only to the clam shell, I'd consider it. But repairs beyond that I'd pass. You have to receive enough discount for the branded title. I don't know if 25 is cheap enough.

You can find a nice clean one for 30. But if you're on a budget and the salvage car is your favorite color etc, go out and see it. If it passes your inspection make an offer. If it was just fiberglass repair and not structural, it could be a relative bargain if they would take 22-23.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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