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74,400 miles
Touring Package
Sport Package
Limited Slip Differential

This car does not have the low mileage that others for sale do, but this car has been properly maintained and has had all of the upgrades that really make these cars perform optimally. The car runs and drives just as it should and looks fantastic. Do not be afraid of the miles, check out my car and you will find this is one of the nicest Elise’s out there. If you want to truly drive a car and enjoy it rather than just wax it and look at it, this is the one to buy. To build a car of this quality, you would first need to buy the Elise, then add about $15-20K to add these upgrades for a well-rounded performer, this car is as good as an Elise gets! The car has been tracked, but not extensively. This is not some ragged out and torn up race car, nor is it a garage ornament. The motor failed due to low oil pressure when I took it to the track and required a brand new motor about 9,000 miles ago (built by a well-known professional in the NASCAR and Ultimate Street Car Challenge industries). Rather than a remanufactured unit, I decided to take the opportunity to start with a brand new Toyota block and improve all of the weak points. The car did have a minor meeting between the front bumper and a curb which was properly repaired – the results are fantastic. I am selling as I moved from North Carolina to Illinois and this car sits in my climate controlled garage too much of the year. It has never been driven on salty roads (purchased new in Arizona, then lived in NC for 5 years before I brought it to IL and stored it inside all winter). The car is currently in central Illinois (Effingham)

Below are a list of the upgrades to the car:
o Both tops (hardtop and soft top )
o Nitron adjustable coil overs with Eibach racing springs (much smoother ride than stock and better response too)
o Black Watch Racing Adjustable Sway Bars
o Black Watch Racing High Strength Racing Toe Links (solves a known weak link)
o Custom track/street alignment (very responsive but increased front inner shoulder wear, easily reversed)
o Disk Brakes Australia (DBA) slotted Kangaroo Paw Rotors – Cryo Treated (handle heat extremely well)
o Ferrodo DS 2500 racing pads (good dual purpose pads, some street noise occasionally)
o Goodridge stainless steel braided brake hoses
o New Toyo Proxes R1R tires in December 2018 (about 1,500 miles on them)
o Difflow 5 element Railer Jr Squared rear diffuser (original included)
o BOE Fabrication Aluminum Radiator (solves a known issue of brittle plastic tank sides)
o BOE rear tilt Clam Hinge (makes for quick engine access)
o Oil cooler lines recall has been completed
o Larani Polished exhaust (dual tips, 10 pounds lighter than stock and less drone)
o Sector 111 V-Shock Harness Bar
o Scroth 5 point harness (factory belts in place, the harness can just tuck behind the seat if not desired)
o Black and silver nose badge, and wheel emblems (great look on the Orange)
o Black Lotus lettering on rear
o Carbon Fiber door panels (originals included)
o Carbon Fiber door sills (originals included)
o Carbon Fiber inner door pulls
o Sector 111 Micro mirror (original rearview mirror retained)
o Sector 111 Heel and Tow brake pad extension (drastically improved ergonomics and easily removable if you don’t like it)
o 3m Star Shield – front, sides, and rear
o Stereo upgrade with larger front and rear speakers (JL Audio, high end – 5.25” front, 6.5” rear) – Major improvement
o Custom Elise embroidered floor mats (originals included)

• Brand new motor completed in late 2016 (65,980 miles)
o Brand new Toyota short block shipped in from Japan
o Lotus JCR Head
o Monkey Wrench Racing Oil Pump
o Black Watch Racing ACT HD SS Clutch with a lightweight flywheel (great holding power and quick revs but still street friendly) (also new slave cylinder and remote bleeder)
o Black Watch Racing Big Bore Throttle Body
o Black Watch Racing BOE oil catch can (washer reservoir relocated to trunk)
o Cosworth High Flow Air filter (free flowing, but better protection than K&N)
o New NGK Spark Plugs
o New Gates Green belts (best quality available)
o Sector 111 baffled oil pan (keeps the oil at the pickup under spirited driving)

• Rebuilt and Re-engineered Air Conditioning system (2018 – 73,000 miles) – The AC is ice cold and can now keep up with hot/humid weather
o Replaced blower fan and completed blower resistor upgrade (common problem requiring front clam removal)
 This moves the resistor to the top of the unit where it is not susceptible to corrosion from standing water from rain and washes
o New dyer/receiver
o removed floor vent covering for better air flow (original cover has been saved)
o Fully tinted all glass to improve operating efficiencies (even windshield – but high quality 3m that is barely visible and has never caused an inspection issue)
o blocked front air bypass inside front clam to reduce hot air entering cabin

• Repaired minor lower clam damage (curb incident) – fresh paint on lower sills and lower front clam along with brand new star shield to protect it – this was a very minor incident and the title is clean – not a salvage.
Also included:
o Sector 111 Battery mount and cutoff switch
o Shower cap
o Extra Star shield material
o Front Splitter (not installed – couldn’t bring myself to drill holes for it)
o Hardtop storage bag
o Extra (new Lotus) Nose Badge
o Extra key fob with built in key (needs cut)
o 2 factory FOBs and keys
o Sector 111 Cup Holder (not installed)
o Original Lotus tool kit
The Bad
• Small 1.5” tear in upper driver seat bolster fabric
• Small paint chip touched up on upper driver side quarter panel by door (about the size of a pinkie fingernail)
• 2 chips in lower front edge of front bumper about the size of a pencil eraser
• A few minor rock chips in the paint on various locations (touched up and about the size of a pencil chip)
• Stereo head unit occasionally goes into a silly demo mode and can be an annoyance with the digital display
• Hardtop has no inner headliner material
• Small area of wear on the soft top
• A few small stone chips on the wheels (no curb rash)
• Racing pads are a bit noisier than street pads – not a loud squealer, but occasional squeak worth the extra braking performance to me


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ooooooh. so clean. I love it. someone is going to get a very nice set up.

good luck!!

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FYI: This car is back on the market, unfortunately. Not a flip (tho did list on Craigslist locally slightly higher); just an unfortunate change in needs/circumstances. It is now physically in San Francisco. Please PM if interested.

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Bump. This car is gorgeous and I think I got a really killer deal. Looking to just pass that on. If interested, please respond here or reach out privately. If you reach out via the CL ad, please let me know you're a forum member. Thanks!

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Bump. Some interested folks locally, but one no one has yet produced the cash and executed on it. This is a really amazing car for the money and is going to make someone very happy! Happy to answer questions or add photos if there's anything someone wants to see, etc. Thanks!
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