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2005 Elise $29k: Bordeaux Red, 2k miles on DRS rebuild of FF275, LSS wheels

Edit: Couple more known issues; lowered price.

I kind of hate to do this, but I'm just not driving this car and don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Price is very firm at $29,000. I hate haggling and think this is a super fair and low price that should get it moved quickly.

Base car
2005 Bordeaux Red Pearl Elise, sport package, touring package LSS wheels. Both hard top and soft top (additional soundproofing removed from soft top). Star shield. Approximately 31,500 miles. Brand new (< 500 miles) Toyo Proxes 1R1 tires, 205/45ZR-16 front, 235/45ZR-17 rear. Tires have not been tracked or autox'd.

Never wrecked, only damage was idiot who backed into it at low speed.

I have the vast majority of paperwork for the car, including original bill of sale, ForcedFed invoices, DRS invoices, tire receipts, lots more.

ForcedFed FF275 package installed 2007
  • Garret GT28R turbocharger
  • Spearco 450 intercooler
  • Accusump
Totally rebuilt by DRS August 2012 @ ~29k miles (receipts total $22,380):
  • Toyota shortblock, 2ZZ-GE
  • Cosworth piston set (10:1)
  • Eibach valve spring set
  • Supertech valve set
  • Intake cam w/ rocker set
  • Exhaust cam w/ rocker set
  • NKG spark plugs
  • ACT clutch disc
  • Resurfaced flywheel
  • All four brake rotors replaced (Lotus OEM)
  • PC-680 lightweight battery
  • Wideband, MAP sensor, air temp sensor
  • Delrin Race control arm bushing set
  • Dyno tune by DRS

I will include a Lenovo S1 Ultrabook loaded with the EFI tuning software and several maps from DRS with varying degrees of traction control and emissions tuning.

Known issues
This is a 10 year old, modified car. It has some quirks and issues, and I want to be sure any buyer is fully informed. Nothing here is serious and most are easily addressed.
  • A/C compressor removed to accommodate engine mods. I think I have it in a box but can't promise finding it.
  • Possibly 1st/2nd syncro issue; will only downshift smoothly from 2nd to 1st at low speeds (double clutch always works)
  • Reverse lockout cable needs adjusting; sometimes have to pull cable in addition to shifter ring (super easy)
  • Stalls a bit when cold; probably just idle RPM adjustment
  • Small tear in front bumper and missing driver's side front plastic vent; looks like someone backed into it at some point (shown in pics)
  • Water seals on soft top leak, of course. Heavy rain or car wash will get some water inside
  • Downside of lightweight battery is it won't last long sitting unused; about 4-5 days and it will need a jump
  • Very minor chip in windshield (so minor I couldn't get a pic)
  • General paint scratches and abrasions, especially around trunk lid. Nothing huge, but a bunch of minor spots.

This car is in Seattle and comes close to, but does not pass WA emissions (it is currently registered and legal in Washington because of the state's weird every-other-year test methodology).

I was working with Kris from DRS for a while to get an emissions tune but got too busy to deal with it. He believes it should be possible, but of course I can't guarantee that.


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