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Elise experts,

I am trying to adjust my brake pedal such that heel/toe is easier.

I have read the issue with 2005 Elise pedal location and the following references are excellent in describing how to adjust the pedal:

Also, I realize that an HNT pad will work also. And I even have one in the basement.

However, my question is not related to the pedal height adjustment. After assuming the Lotus position to investigate pedal height adjustment, I noticed that my brake pedal has noticeable play between the pedal and a plastic piece that holds the return spring and, presumably, a bushing.

In the two photos below, taken from passenger side looking towards the driver's side, you can see the relative motion. Also, you can see the relative motion by looking at the hex head of the ?bushing? bolt with the green torque stripe. There is roughly 1/8" of play. Not much here, but it translates to a lot of play where the footpad is.

Elsie brake1.png
Elise brake2.png

My questions are:
1) Is this play normal, or should the pedal and plastic piece be rigidly fastened to each other?
2) Can/should I simply tighten the hex nut with the green torque stripe?
3) Is there a worn bushing in there that needs to be replaced?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom. I did not want to monkey around too much with it, seeing as brakes are an important safety feature, before I heard from some experts!

Much appreciated,

Gary Davis
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