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I have a graphite gray with black interior 2005 Elise with both the track pack and touring pack and hard top but no soft top. It has 35,000 miles. I’ve owned the car for nine years and it’s been a great car.

Overall the car is in very good condition but there are a couple of issues.

The first is the driver side front splitter has a crack, curbed!, common issue. The second is a dime size chip on the bottom lower rocker panel near the rear fender well on the driver side, rock chip while driving to work! And the third is the lock mechanism for the trunk which broke very early on and I had to replace it with a creative locking mechanism. All issues are easily fixed but I didn’t want to because the same could happen again!

It is a clean title car, but there is an accident on record. However the accident did not cause any structural damage, but only left a scratch on the upper portion of the passenger side rear fender. all it was was a tire from another vehicle which had rubbed against the body and initially it looked really bad and the driver did not have a driver license, so i called the police to the scene, but the majority of it all buffed out. Please see pics for all issues stated.

A coolant flush was recently done in the last year or so. Oil, filter and plugs also done on time. I have not done the oil cooler lines but I’ve also never had a problem with them. And I didn’t want to mess with it if it wasn’t broken.
Mechanically in great condition.

I also added some color accents as you can see in the pictures but those can easily be switched back to stock.

When i bought the car I figured I would keep it forever but its been 9 years and I am ready for a change.

I know the car has a couple of issues so I think I’ve priced the car realistically at $28,500.

If interested I I am located in Glendale California. And you could reach me at my email address:

[email protected]


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