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* 18k miles
* Runs Beautifully! The oil was literally changed after every single track day.
* SS brake lines, these brakes bite hard!
* Adjustable Ohlins damper, worth over $450.
* BRAND NEW Pilot Powers, less than 75 miles on them.
* Vortex rearsets, grippy as hell and look great! Also worth over $450.
* New Vortex frame sliders
* Race upper with a stock lower and tail.

I was going to race this during the 09 season, but buying a house and a car got in the way.

This would make a perfect track, stunt, or even street bike!

I can get you a brand new set of plastics in any scheme, even MotoGP, for around $600 depending on the scheme. The bodywork that's on it is fine, but I understand that some people don't like fiberglass bodywork (for some reason).

I'm asking $5,000, pretty firm. This is a smoking deal on this bike. I might even take a trade + cash from ME on certain cars! I'm looking for a 2005 Elise or Exige to track out, so it's okay if it has body damage.

Give me a call or text if you're interested.


2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

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Omg I agree, someone needs to buy this bike!
If I were not a wuss, or knew that I'd kill myself on a sports bike... oh kawasaki I love you

Good luck with the sale, I'm sure whoever picks this up from you will :coolnana:
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