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**SOLD** 2005 Lotus Elise 300hp Supercharged Hardtop


I have decided to move on to something else, so I need to sell my Elise. The car is located in the The Woodlands, Texas.
Asking $29,000 OBO.

Pics via Flickr
2005 Lotus Elise - a set on Flickr

2005 Lotus Elise 300hp Supercharged Hardtop
29,100 Miles
Silver on Black

Here is a complete listing of the enhancements:
Brake rotors DBA5000 Floating rotors
Stainless steel brakelines
Bemani supercharger. One of six in the U.S.
Water-cooled intercoolers to insure no overheating whether on the track or desert highway.
Upgraded fuel injectors
550cc fuel pump
Fuel pressure regulators
Lotus Cup Car air intake box
Letsla shift kit
Schroth 4-point ASM belt
Tubular 8” GT3 exhaust – ceramic coated
Aluminum Diffuser and rear panel Eliminator V3 from Sector III
Braille Battery with the Sector 111 Xtender battery cut off switch
Painted center and A/C console
Upgraded ACT clutch and Today lightweight flywheel
SJ Racing Cross wheels custom made for the Elise – painted black
Headlights covered in 3M film as well as the rest of the front and sides of the car
APR carbon fiber rear wing and canards
Micro rearview mirror
2011 side sills

Baffled oil pan by Bemani. This is a modified STOCK oil pan that had baffles put in. If you read enough of the early aftermarket oil pans, they commonly leak. The fit of this oil pan is perfect as it uses a stock part as the starting unit.

Ohlins double adjustable suspension. This kit features independent compression and rebound damping adjusters for more detailed chassis tuning. Ride height can be adjusted as well.

Rear toe link upgrade by Sector 111. RTVbrace replaces the single inboard shear ball-joint assembly (that is known to fail) with double shear, high-strength rod ends, a central brace that transfers loads to the chassis, and lighter toe links.

Lotus tuning by Charlie Wallace (aka CharlieX in the Lotus communities)
Charlie is regarding as the premier Lotus tuner in the U.S. He has spent years understanding the Lotus ECU codes. He has even been hired by Lotus HQ to assist the factory with tuning issues. CharlieX's tune was such that the switch to the second cam happens at 6200 RPM when driven on the street. When the car is driven aggressively, the switch happens at around 4200 RPM, so you feel the extra power at a much lower RPM.

Rear wheel horsepower tuned on the dynoed to 265 reliable rwhp
Rear Clam/Body converted to Exige style. Extensive custom work to make look factory.

Aluminum side sills: also track tested for functionality and durability.
3M Crystalline windshield tint. This 70% tint was extremely expensive to install. It is unnoticeable, but greatly helps the A/C cool the car in the summer.
Side windows and rear window are tinted lightly as well.

All books, soft top, and keys are included.

Elise Driver
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Did the 2011 Elise have optional side sills from LOTUS?
Are they carbon fiber?

My bad, I meant the sideskirts, they are JMRP?
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