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2005 Lotus Elise
Excellent condition, low miles. Comes with both hard top and soft top. As far as I know it's stock original. No problems. I bought it with 13,000 miles.
Maintained by Lotus dealership in Bellvue, WA. I am the 4th owner on CarFax, but 2 or 3 of the other owners were dealers. Low mileage 17,600 miles.
The body is well maintained. One small spider crack near trunk. Not noticeable unless pointed out. A few small rock chips on the wheels and one curb scrape on right rear wheel. Not tears or cuts on upholstery. Minor wear on driver's side seat where you get in and out. Lotus brakes on the front Brombo on the rear.

Carfax available. I just reduced the price to come in below Carfax retail value.


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