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I am selling my 2005 Lotus Elise with Touring Package. Originally purchased by a friend from Downtown Jaguar-Lotus Land Rover of Minneapolis in 2005. I have owned and enjoyed the car for three years (2 owner car). Clean title and no leans. I have had the car serviced at Glenview Luxury Imports (Lotus dealer). They performed all of the recalls - including the much discussed Oil Line Repair Kit. Service history is well documented by the original owner and myself.

Just recently, new air filter, engine oil, and gearbox oil has been added. I also replaced the battery in 2018. The only modification made to the car was a quick disconnect battery connector that can easily be removed if needed. Also, the original owner disabled the factory alarm system. The black soft-top is included but not shown in the pictures. The only time I put it on is during Winter storage. The car is in terrific condition both mechanically and cosmetically. There is a small paint chip on the rear hood near the lock. A small area of leather on the driver's side shows some wear. There is also a small (about an inch in length) discoloration on the passenger side seat near the belt buckle. It has never been tracked, raced, or involved in an accident. Only driven on sunny days with 0% chance of rain. Current mileage as of 6/17/2020 is 7,734 (see picture). While the mileage is very low for a 2005, it is not a "garage queen". During the warm months, it is driven around town at least weekly.

In the three years that I have owned it, I have not had a single mechanical issue. The only thing close was a dead battery. This resulted in a new battery and the addition of the quick disconnect.

I am located about 2.5 hours west of Chicago. Local pick and shipments are both possible. Buyer would pay actual cost for any shipment / delivery fees. Please IM me with any questions. Additional picture can be emailed directly too you - the forum limits attachments to 10.


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