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2005 Lotus Elise race car. The Engine needs to be replaced. The BOE engine was new but the cylinders delaminated after 10 minutes on the track. Before the engine delaminated it was producing 337hp at the wheels. Please note this car is registered and was street legal, but in its current configuration it would not pass a smog test, and so I am selling it as a race car and not a street car.

I installed an AIM Datalogger, Jubu front splitter, flown in direct from Germany, VSA dry sump, VSA high downforce wing, VSA diffuser, higher rated springs, and a BOE Nikasil engine. Unfortunately the engine cylinders delaminated immediately when I took it on the track. Due to a divorce proceeding I was unable to repair the car and stored it at VSA motorsports.

I have a repair estimate from VSA motorsports if you want to rebuild the BOE engine. However, you may choose to install a different engine. This car has exceptional downforce, including in front, and will outperform on the track with any engine.

Please note: The pictures of the dusty car show the current condition after the long storage (40 months). The wing, and roof are in storage and not shown. There is one picture of the inside of the cylinder where the coating delaminated on the new engine.

I am asking for $30,000. I am only interested in selling the entire car as I need to pay VSA a storage fee of around $15,000. The car is currently stored at VSA motorsports in Las Vegas. Please IM me for complete details.

Partial list of parts:
BOE REV TVS Supercharger
AIM MXS Dash Data Logger with GPS and 37pin Harness
LCU CAN Lambda Controller, AIM CAN Data Hub 1.5
Jubu front splitter, imported direct from Germany (not available in USA)
VSA Wing, Straight, High Downforce 1800X310
VSA Motorsports Rear Diffuser Support Diffuser Railer JR
VSA Motorsport Radiator Single Pass
OS Giken Limited Slip DIfferential, LOTUS ELISE/EXIGE 2ZZGE MT only LSD SPEC-S 25/38-336-6-8S (16-B)
SSC 3-4 gears C60
REV TVS 70 mm Pulley Black
Setrab Rear Mount Oil Cooler
BOE heat exchanger
BOE Coolant and IC header tanks
Meziere WP136S In Line Pump
Race Main Spring 8.0 tall, 2.25 ID, 750lb/in Rate
Race Main Spring 7.0 tall, 2.25 ID, 550lb/in Rate
V2 Steering arms
replaced all fuel lines with XRP HS-79
Stub Gearbox
BOE Drysump Kit
BOE Nikasil Fully built engine (Needs rebuild)
Roll Cage, Full Race Harness, Carbon Fiber Seats, Fire System, modified to fit 295/35ZR-17 in rear, Canards, racing shocks, Removable Clam, BOE Headers, Removable steering, Baffled Gas tank, and more.

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