Additional pics also added, I am happy supply more if desired
2005 Lotus Elise AKA Art Car V2 built by Sector 111/Inokinetic whom I purchased it from in 2019
. Car has been super reliable and fun to drive, the only reason we are selling it is we have 2 other track cars now .
Build List:
· Nitron Singles
· ETHOS 16x7 & 17x8 wheels
· gPAN3
· RTD2brace
· ULTRAdisc brakes
· G-loc pads R10
· titanQR
· MRbearings
· BULLETstuds + YELLOfellos nuts
· Rebuilt front calipers
· raceVIEW mirrors
· Spec Clams - front & rear
· TRACKpipe muffler
· ReVerie rear diffuser
· CF hardtop
· V-Force Harness Bar + Schroth 6pt harness
· SYS.6.pack
· TRANScables + RE-Enforcer
· Customized factory wiring harness 50% lighter, all unneeded features were deleted
· GUT fenders
· champRAD with Top Mounted Fans
· Lotus Sport ECU
· raceVIEW mirrors
· Master kill switch
· Fire Extinguisher - plumbed w/interior and exterior switches
· Custom paint by Neil Ratnavira-this is a hand painted car and one of a kind, it looks amazing on the track and is easy to spot
· This is a track only car and does not have front lights.
· shiftR11 shifter hear testimonials from two experienced Lotus racers who drove the ArtCar with the shiftR111:

shiftR111 Testimonials: Dispatches from the Track - YouTube
Sector111 took their new Lotus shifter for track testing at Spring Mtn. They recruited two Long- time Lotus owners to test out the kit and provide feedback

· Extra set of front and rear brake pads, still on box
· 2 new O2 sensors, still in box
· Extra set of Rota wheels
· AIM Smarty cam
· Build documentation and many more pics availible