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I am selling my 2005 Lotus Elise with 95XXX Miles. The car has been my daily driver for the past two years and I am selling the car since I am moving cross country. I love this car and is a perfect sports car that exceeds all expectations.

2005 Lotus Elise
Saffron Yellow exterior, Black interior
95xxx miles, the car is my daily driver, so the mileage will go up.
$28000 OBO

Alarm has been bypassed
Baffled Oil Pan installed by Rob Dietsch of Dietsch Motorsports in 2017
Carbon Fiber Splitter on front clam shell to minimize curbing to clam

Aftermarket Parrot Headunit with Bluetooth Connectivity and SD card for music importing
Stock Speakers

Work Done:
Most recent service performed 11/1/2019 at Dietsch Motorsports and Turbohoses R&D Inc.
-Results from service recommend replacement of coolant reservoir, brake pad replacement, tire replacement
-Mileage at service 94xxx miles

Additionally Work, car had the radiator mounts replaced prior to my ownership, the baffled oil pan was installed when the car was purchased. Additionally, the oil line recall has been performed in 2018 during its annual service with Rob.

I purchased the car in October 2017. The car has served as my daily driver while living in the Monterey, CA and I have put about 10k miles on the car. I have autocrossed the car and done one HPDE track event with the Golden Gate Lotus Club during this time. I've done several autocrosses and the track day was at Laguna Seca 10/2019. The car was service after the track day was done since it matched up well with when my annual service was due. The car has a clean carfax report.

I love this car a lot, but my relocation is forcing me to look into selling the car. I hope it can go to a great home and keep on driving. Please let me know if you want additional photos.


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