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I'm selling what was my first LOTUS Elise back in 2005.
I sold it around 2009 as Jen and I started our family with about 30k miles on it.
It was used for some street driving before having it outfitted for track use by the new owner.
He raced it in lotus cup and then in SCCA.
After a spin into a tire wall at Sonoma Raceway I got the car back.
I was going to keep the car and bring it back to stock but its one of a few too many cars we now have.
If your looking for a new street car project or track/race car this might be the car for you.
I can help supply most of the parts you may need including stock clams and lights.
No damage to Chassis, front crash structure or radiator support.
Price is $15,000 delivered to any place in between or near Oklahoma and California.

Please call or text me - Rob.


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Is the wiring intact for the front/rear lights?
Yes, No wires have been cut to the lighting harnesses

Wow that's tempting. what do unpainted clamshells go for?
I have clamshells priced from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on condition.

Could you provide a brief description of the other two cars?
1999 Elise sport 190

2010 Exige S 260 Sport
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