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2005 Mini Cooper S with Cooper Works Kit

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Hello all.

I know a lot of you have MINIs like I do. I have two Mini S cars, or else I would buy this one.

My friend is selling his 2005 MINI S with the Works Kit. That was a 5K option. It silver or grey, cant remember. Will get some pictures.

It does not have a sunroof but it does have all the other options. I will get a list. He is the second owner. He is selling the car because it is too uncomfortable for him to drive with some medical issues he has.

14K miles


Let me know if you are interested. Car is in Buffalo NY

Edit...I know Minis having owned 3. I think the 2005 and 2006 cars are the ones to buy. They handle much more like a sports car then the new models. And the works kit on the 2005 and 2006 cars is really something. If this car had a sun roof....I would sell mine and buy this one.
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