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2005 Supercharged Lotus Elise in Starlight Black
Stunning Dedicated Race\Track Car asking $34K

I recently received my letter of recommendation for my competition license and will be running a different car\class and as such I am offering, albeit painfully so, my Elise for sale. I can’t say enough about what a phenomenal track car it is or the attention it gets in the paddock. I have truly enjoyed the Lotus experience but it won’t be practical to field the Lotus and another race car.

Note that this is dedicated race car with no emissions\AC\Air bags\trunk etc… I have a significant amount, but not all, of the removed components so depending on your local laws you may be able to tag it and I have clear title to the car.

The Elise has never been wrecked; there have been no wall impacts tire, concrete or otherwise and no car to car contact.

Condition wise, the car is excellent however being a track car the body has the typical amount of track rash on the front clam and along the sills, basically anywhere track debris will hit. I did lose a splitter at Road Atlanta last year. It pulled through the bolt holes cleanly and note that the APR splitter is mounted differently. I did have the dreaded jack slip on the driver side sill (two spots: where the jack slipped and where a jack stand hit that wasn’t entirely positioned yet). The roof has some scratches and spiderwebs. The sill area directly in front of the passenger rear tire has fiberglass damage (occurred when I lost the splitter). None of the damage has required repair and being a dedicated track car I have chosen not do so. Note that everything is 100% repairable as it is all cosmetic. The selling price is 2-3K under what I would normally list it for in the event you do wish to have the work done.

As is typical anytime you build a car I have far more into this Elise than the price reflects.

Weight = Aprox. 1900 lbs with no driver and less than a full tank of gas.
Dyno = 219 RWHP last June with built engine as detailed below which is capable of far more HP

Engine and Engine Related:
Bruce Nogrady\Sector 111 Race Built Engine (only 10 Track Days on New Engine!)
• JE forged pistons, stock compression, Teflon coated skirts
• Darton Steel Sleeved Block
• Stage II Head
• 5 angle cut valve seats
• Hand pocket ported
• Supertech Valves, SS nitride coated
• Supertech Springs, SS
• Ti Retainers
• Teflon coated bearings (connecting rods & crank)
• Up-rated oil pump gear
• APR Head Bolts
• gPAN (Baffled Oil Pan, eliminated oil starvation under heavy G loads)
• Upgraded Engine Mounts 60a
• Monkey Wrench Racing Billet Fuel Rail
• Fuel Injectors cleaned and matched in 2011
• Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter
• Sector111 QWKCANS (Oil Catch Cans)
• HKS Cold Air Intake
• Sector111 Katana Supercharger with Sector 111 custom tune
• Second Oil Cooler Added with shroud

• 3 Gauge Universal Pod
• Autometer Oil Temp Gauge ATM-3347
• Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge ATM-3327
• Autometer Battery Gauge ATM-3391
• AEM Water Temp Gauge & Greddy 34MM Hose Adapter

• 2bular 4-1 SC Headers
• 2bular Light-weight de-cat Pipe
• 2bular GT3 Exhaust

V2 Baffled Gas Tank (Eliminates fuel starvation under heavy G loads)
• Upgraded Denso Fuel Pump & Custom Cap

Transmission\Shift Related
• ACT Clutch Kit HDG4
• Fidanza Flywheel
• MWR ARP Flywheel Bolt Set
• MT90\GM Synchromesh Fluid Combination changed regularly
• Sector111 Shift Reinforcer Kit
• LETSLA Shift Kit

SPA LWM-50 2.25 Liter Fire System

Wired For Cool Shirt

• APR Carbon Fiber front splitter
• APR Carbon Fiber adjustable Rear Wing
• Carbon Fiber Canards
• Carbon Fiber Side Vents
• Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

• Custom fabricated black Aluminum Front Grill & Engine Lids Grills
• Trunk deleted
• Custom fabricated rear grills
• Hardtop & Soft Top
• Custom Kirt Wightman full roll cage
• Sector111 Rear Tow hook (BBHook2)
• Monkey Wrench Racing Front Tow Hook
• Thermo-Tec Aluminum Heat Barrier (Firewall & Rear Clam – Trunk Area)
• Lexan Rear Windshield
• Lightened (A\C Removed, Washer reservoir removed, all non-essential interior components removed, charcoal canister removed etc…)
• Sector111 SubStiffy Brace
• Sector111 RTD Brace
• Custom Aluminum Dash

Brakes, Wheels & Tires
• SSR Comp Wheels (16x6.5 & 17x7.5)
• New never used Rota Torque Wheels (16x7 & 17x8)
• 1 Set of Hankook Ventus Z214 C51 Medium (205/50ZR-16 & 225/45R-17) mounted on the Rota Torques with only 2 track days.
• 1 Set of Dunlap Direzza Sport Z1 Star Specs (205/50R-16 & 225/45ZR-17) mounted the SSR Comp wheels and with only 2 track days of use.
• 2 Hoosier R6 Tires for the rear with several weekends left in them
• Girodisc SS Brake Lines
• Drop Forged Wheel Studs
• DBA4000 Rotors
• CL Racing Pads
• Motul RBF600 Fluid

• Sector111 hubQR (Removable Steering Wheel Hub)
• OMP Superquadro Steering Wheel

• Sector111 HNT pad (Heal and Toe Brake Pedal Pad)
• Ultimate Pedals Custom Made Heel and Toe Gas Pedal

• Reverie Carbon Fiber XC Seat (Drivers Side)
• Tillet Carbon Fiber B5 and EB3 Seat Bracket (Passenger Side)
• Schroth Profi 2 6H Harnesses,
• Sector111 Sys.6.Pak & Hardware Kit

• Braille B2015 Battery
• RLS Battery Bracket and Cutoff switch


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Nice car, curious to know what would allow it to pass registration in CA other than the cat

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I appreciate everyone's interest, but the Elise is now sold. I'm gonna miss that car and being a Lotus owner!
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