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2005 ST Lotus Elise

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2005 ST Lotus Elise, just under 20K miles. Car has sport pack, touring pack, starshield, tow hook in front, changed Lotus letters to Lotus emblem on back, wheels powder coated black, new lug nuts (stock get nasty over time).

Car is in great condition. All recalls preformed and service is on schedule. Car was backed into while parked and the front clam shell, grills, headlight and starshield were all replaced with brand new OEM parts installed by a VERY good bodyshop suggested by MAG Lotus. Looks even better than it did before.

Only defects on exterior are right in front of the rear tires... there really should be starshield in this area as there are some stone chips near the bottom portion of the side lower pieces. Other than that the car looks great. Wheels are perfect, interior is great.

Title is clean. Car is located in New Salisbury, IN 47161. Asking $29K obo.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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