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  • Arctic Silver with black interior
  • Excellent overall condition
  • 35,500 miles, (street miles)
  • Bemani Supercharger kit, (over $10,000 invested), with Eaton M90 supercharger and air to water from mounted intercooler, produces about 260HP
  • Headers and racing type exhaust system
  • Stripped and semi track prepared, (not street legal)
  • Ohlin adjustable shocks with remote canisters
  • APR carbon fiber adjustable rear wing
  • Carbon fiber carnards
  • Carbon fiber rear hatch with quick release
  • Aluminum oversize diffuser by IMRP
  • IMRP aluminum side skirts
  • New Shields polycarbonate windshield
  • 2 piece brake rotors with aluminum hats
  • stainless steel braided brake hoses
  • Uprated rear toe links
  • Bullet style wheel studs
  • Leather Exige style race seat
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Harness bar with Schroth racing harness
  • Odyssey lightweight racing battery
  • Track front tow ring
  • Fire bottle and battery cut off switch
  • Comes with Team Dynamic race wheels, (not shown) wheels pictured do not go with the car
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Thank you for your interest, and sorry for the confusion.
The reason that this Elise is not street legal is that it doesn't have a title. It was issued a "CD" or Certificate of Destruction, by the insurance company and the State of Florida. Therefore, (unfortunately), it can NEVER be licensed or registered for the road.
This car can only be used for parts or, in this case, a track car.
It's really too bad that the insurance companies have this type of power, because this car was very repairable. We've purchased some Elises from the insurance companies with "Salvage" or "Rebuildable" titles, which really are not rebuildable, because of a damaged or compromised chassis. These cars DO become "parts" cars.
The adjusters from the insurance companies really don't fully understand what they are looking at and have too much power.
It's a shame........
But, this would make and excellent track or race car, very quick!
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