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I got one for you and IW ill price it at $28 for LT members for sale in Los Angeles California

2006 1 of 1 Lost Elise
Carbon Fiber Body (front and rear clam)
Professionally painted red w/stripe
Carbon Fiber Air Intake Side Scoop Covers are mesh metal
Carbon Fiber Side View mirror covers
Carbon Fiber Center Console
Carbon Fiber Rear Defuser
Carbon Fiber Inside Rocker Panels
Carbon Fiber front Canards (front side wings)
Carbon Fiber Matching paint sticker on rooftop section

Other Upgrades:
(NEW!) front spoiler/wing painted color of the car
(NEW!) rear spoiler/wing from 2008 Lotus
Sector 111 Trunk / Boot insert with Compartments
Convertible Soft Top with all parts and Travel Bag
Performance Racing Rims
Upgraded Center Console Radion with Sirius Satelite Radio Bluetooth
and phone call microphone
Upgraded Exhaust (deep)
Upgraded ECU
Greg Racing Parts Air Intake Catch Can
HID Lights in front
Lotus Oil Cap with Logo
Lotus Logo Stainless Steel knob shifter

Milage: 51250
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