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Edit - Virus sale price - 38k
I purchased the car from a member here, ConeKilla, in September of 2017. You can find the previous advertisement here - 2006 Ardent Red Supercharged Exige FIRE SALE .
After putting about 3,000 miles on the car, the engine blew. I replaced the engine with a monkey wrench racing "racer express" MWR Complete Built Engine - Lotus/Toyota 2ZZ-GE Racer Express unit. I also opted to put in a brand new MP62 supercharger bringing the parts total to 8K. I re-routed the oil lines into a BOE rear mount cooler (much better than the stock cooling configuration). The stock lines and front oil coolers are still installed. I also installed a Radium coolant tank at the same time. Other than the engine blowing, the car has been an absolute blast to own and stupid reliable. The wife and I have driven the car to Monterey car week the last two years (about 800 mile round trip) and had nothing but a great time. Btw - If you are lucky enough to have an awesome wife that understands compromise, it is possible to fit enough gear in the trunk and passenger footwell for a 3 day camping trip! AC blows nice and cold. I have the title in hand.

In my ownership, I have taken the car to one track day, one autocross event, and participated in the Virginia City hill climb in Nevada.

During my ownership I have added the following

New MWR racer express 2zzge
New MP62 supercharger
BOE Oil cooler - rear mount
BOE rear battery kit
Radium coolant swirl tank
GRP stealth gauge pod with Engine oil temp gauge
GRP headlight plastic replacement and clear bra install
DBA 4000 front rotors
Side pod aero ducting kit into partitioned stock intercooler shroud (1/4,1/2,1/4)
Street Guardian dual camera dash camera
Both Axle to transmission seals
OEM outer steering rack ball joints ends (100 miles ago)
New plugs (100 miles ago)
rbf660 fluid (100 miles ago)
0w40 turbo diesel oil (100 miles ago)

Installed Previous to my ownership

Carbon fiber front splitter
V6-spec mirrors
Carbon fiber side scoops (wide)
Carbon fiber gas door
ORE HID ballasts
Difflow 5-element diffuser
15mm wheel spacers
07' hard top with scoop
RLS hood prop
GRP rear panel delete

Some brand rear toe rod connector
stainless steel brake lines
Sector 111 front steering knuckle
porterfield r4s street pads
motol rbf660 fluid

Red LED start button
Red LED gauge needles
Red LCD screen
Black gauge face
GRP shift knob
5.25 JL speakers front

MP62 supercharger
Reverie carbon fiber intake
BOE Torque300 tune
Saikou Michi oil catch cans
3" supercharger pulley
RC 550 injectors
Sector111 "Gpan" oil pan
All metal Duralast thermostat
Innovation motor mounts front and rear
GRP valve cover to crank case oil sling block off plates
Powder coated valve cover and intercooler tubes
Ceramic coated Lanari Exhaust

The Bad
This car has an excellent paint job.. at 12 ft. If you are looking for show quality paint, this is not the car for you. There are numerous rock chips on the front clam, significantly fewer chips on the rear, and the clear coat is pealing around the engine lid. I can supply additional photos upon request. On the bright side, there are no cracks in the fiberglass.

Slight squeak in front sway bar bushing when going over speed bumps. Rear speakers are currently uninstalled, but will be included with the sale. I never reinstalled them after the engine blew.

Car will sometimes struggle to find idle and stall at traffic lights. Apparently this is a common problem with the exige and the BOE torque 300 tune. There isn't a vacuum leak and it did the same exact thing with the previous engine.

Most of the OE smog equipment has been removed. The tune it has however allows it to pass OBD2 smog check. I am unaware if it would pass a sniffer. It has passed smog in my city three time as is and twice from the previous owner.

I understand the price on these vehicles fluctuates and I understand my car is not perfect and has higher miles than some. I think $38,000 is reasonable considering it has a new upgraded power plant and supercharger with 7k miles.

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Thats my old Exige! I sold it to the PO with about 40k miles on it. I have way too many cars right now but this is tempting!

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BCspeed - Nice! I bought it from a local when it had around 50k on it.

edgurr - Here you go- Let me know if you need any close up shots.

Car is located in Reno Nevada


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BUMP for the seller. He's a stand-up dude and this car runs and drives great and the build is solid. I was his instructor for the 1 track day he ran in it. We ran Thunderhill West at 7/10ths.

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Replaced the battery with a brand new Odyssey Extreme PC625. Also took the roof off and went for a drive through Tahoe. Car is running great and has a new price of 38K

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Replaced the battery with a brand new Odyssey Extreme PC625. Also took the roof off and went for a drive through Tahoe. Car is running great and has a new price of 38K
Would you like the first post edited to reflect the $38K?


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To answer a few questions, I replaced the clutch with an ACT Street sprung clutch and it has a Comp Clutch light weight Flywheel. Both were installed at the same time as the new engine/supercharger.

Heater works great. Stereo head unit display does have a few dead pixels in it, but it works fine. Believe me, you won't be using the stereo with the Lanari exhaust.

I believe this car has the track pack. Not sure if the parts were added by a previous owner or if they came with the car, but the front bilsteins have remote reservoirs and rear do not. All struts have adjustment knobs. There is also a harness bar in the rear.


When replacing the engine, the differential had LSD painted on with blue paint. I'm assuming that it is what it says it is. Never bothered looking up the part #.

Wrench blocking the paint on differential. This is the engine that failed.


Naked rearend cleaned up and ready to go with new engine


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