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Folks. It's time.

One owner 2006 Elise. Argent Red, black interior, soft top. 41,000 km, Touring Pack. Equipped with the Lotus-engineered factory option cupholder that will not hold ANY thermos cup but will scape your knee if you're not paying attention. Recent Exige wheel upgrade (wheels perfect but slightly used, tires new), Pagid Noir discs and Hawk pads recently, Lotus Sport ECU upgrade, 3M stoneguard from new. No accidents, no major repairs (all receipts available), no winters, no ****.

Car now has fancy schmancy front plate holder after a series of tickets from Toronto's finest: thank goodness our city is crime free, so that we can focus on those hoodlums without a front plate. Also comes with factory squeak and rattle option as per UK manufacturing code, and also optional squeak/rattle suppresion kit (upgraded stereo). Has RARE factory interior precipitation leakage prevention option: this may be the only car so equipped!!!! Also, is celebrity-owned, so commensurate premium expected as per the recent Merkel VW sale.

$35,000. Bill Tebbutt, call me at 416-869-8575 (work), and 905-916-5535 (home).
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