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Cleaning out the house, was going to make a table from these after upgrading my wheels, but never got around to it. Been sitting in garbage bags in a backyard shed for a couple of years, roughly about 10k miles on these.

In in the SF Bay Area. Can meet in person if you're here, or can explore shipping options.

Selling for $300. Based the price off of these recent threads, many of which don't have the center caps.
$650: FS: Lotus Elise Exige OEM Black Wheels/Rims w/ Yokohama Tires
$400 non-LSS no center caps: 2 sets of NON-LSS Elise wheels for sale
$600 no center caps: Black Elise Wheels (full set)
$800: 2005 Stock Elise Wheels - Yokohama AD08 tires

Shipping varies from $160 on the West Coast (CA to WA) to $235 to the South/East Coast (CA to GA). UPS Ground. Using PayPal which provides both Buyer Protection and Seller Protection. I eat the 2.9% PayPal fees, and you can use a credit card for 2% cash back or miles.


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