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2006 Exige Arctic Silver VF Stage1 56k miles

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Asking $41,900k Obo.
I'll consider a trade for a Bentley Arnage. But that's about it.
For full price you get
Blackvue HD 400 dashcam
Valentine 1 with remote audio, and remote display
2bular 8x24 Exhaust with Adjustable GT3 tip.
Blinder laser jammer
Kenwood 6"sub behind the drivers seat

Has also:
New R888 on rears
New serpentine belt
New urethane motor mounts, front and rear
Clutch has 2k milles on it. ACT HD
Fidanza fly wheel
Taller 6th gear
Cool fuzzy headliner!
Free and clear title
Dyno'd at 250 wheel HP

Lot of pics here:

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You should put a disclaimer in your add... "The turtle sticker will cost you extra!":evil:

Good Luck with sale!

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Still for sale. !I bought this car in 2007, I am the second owner, and you'll get to be the third. When I bought it, I took it to 10 track days or so. Then, when the VF SC kit came out I immediately got it, but I didn't upgrade the clutch. This was around 20,000 miles. I've put over 30,000 miles on the SC kit with no issues at all. Last year I replaced the clutch as it started slipping. When I did that I also did a bunch of the other upgrades listed. The car has been my daily driver, fortunately I had a 3 mile commute. It's not perfect but it's in great shape, and runs like a top.
Feel free to contact me with questions

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All PMs have been replied to.

I'm currently changing the oil, the supercharger coupling, and the supercharger oil, because it's good maintenance and I'm sure the new owner will appreciate it. :)

I have a few offers in, and am expecting a couple of more.
I fully expect this to be sold this week or next.
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