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This is probably one of the most well-documented cars in the Lotus world... I've kept every single record since it was 6 miles old and even recorded the threads and Lotus Talk member IDs for it's previous owners if anyone wanted to dig deeper and research it's history ad naseam.

I put this car up for sale a few months ago then got cold feet and took it off market. This time it's for real... we found our "forever home" and I need to raise a little more cash for the down payment.


Year: 2006
Model: Exige
Mileage: 42k
Location: Tucson, Arizona (the most car preserving city in the entire country, I dare you to find a speck of rust on this car :))
Condition: Excellent but a "driver". This is NOT a concours vehicle, it has been modified and driven.
Maintenance: A+. I'm an overly attentive aerospace engineer and spent way too much time over the years maintaining this car. Here is an an example thread:
Price: $42,000.00 USD. Not a penny less (you can give me more if you want). Buyer is responsible for transport fees if needed, however I strongly recommend you fly out and drive the car first.

Note: I've been a fairly active/prominent member of this community for the past 14 years and would consider myself a borderline expert in these cars (I've taken them down to every last nut and bolt). I will be able to answer any question you have about this car and will go to great lengths to explain all of it's quirks and minor imperfections. Again this is not a concours quality vehicle but it's very close.

Some pictures:

Click here to see a bunch more pictures:

I prefer to talk over the phone (or text if we're both at work). Please PM me with your email and phone number and we'll be in touch. First thing I'll do is sent you a complete spreadsheet of the car's entire history.
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