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Boom, sold. Thanks for all of the messages and interest!

Hello All,

This is the same car that was posted a little while ago, but I guess I waited too long to edit it again, and now the "Edit" button has disappeared, so I am just creating this new one.

For sale is my 2006 Krypton Green Lotus Exige. It has a stock supercharger on it, installed by TJ of Fox Valley Motor Cars. The car is mechanically perfect, and has zero issues starting up, idling, launching, and shifting. It has been given the twice over by the guys at FVMC on a number of occasions thanks to my bad, but since then replaced, mass airflow sensor.

I just picked it up today from a complete detail job at FVMC, and oil change, and it looks stunning. I do not want to waste anybody's time, and so I am going to be as straightforward as possible. There are a few rock chips on the starshield, especially in front of the rear wheels. There is also a small crack in the fiberglass, about the size of a dime, on the bottom of the car right in front of the rear drivers side door.

The mods include:

Stock Elise supercharger
Leather wrapped shifter column
Black suede wrapped interior panels
Sparco cup wheel with quick-release system

I do not have any information on the prior owners, and I have no service records prior to me owning the car. I have never tracked the car, and I do know that the owner right before me had never tracked it, either. The guys at FVMC said it did not look tracked, but that is all the info I have on that. I do have the Carfax, and would be happy to email it out to anybody who wants to take a look. I love talking about cars, and especially the Lotus, so please do not hesitate to email me if you are interested. I will provide my phone number in PM's and email so that we can talk on the phone. If you are in the Chicago area, my house is open to show off and test drive the car to serious buyers.

I will be more than happy to drop it off at FVMC for a vehicle inspection or ECU dump per request.

This vehicle was set to pending sale on the last thread, but it seems like that gentleman was possibly a little less than truthful in his intentions, so I will do whatever it takes to make this go as smoothly as possible on my end. Buying and selling cars privately takes a lot of trust on both sides, so please feel free to open up dialogue with me and we can try to work something out.

If there is something you would like me to get a picture of, or a question you have, email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

I'm asking 36K for the car, but I am flexible to an extent on that price point if need be.

Here is the url to an album on Flickr with 40 something new photos I just took today: Flickr: kjanchenko's Photostream

Thanks for looking!

Kyle Janchenko :D
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