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2006 Lotus Elise with hardtop.
Clean Title
Rare British Racing Green (flat green, not metallic, looks really loud in person, does not photograph well).
Rare cream interior.
Touring/Performance (forget exact name of package) - Larger factory forged aluminum wheels, different suspension (but this was upgraded anyways), and power windows (great options right?)
I have had the car for about 2 years and have loved it.
This car is a beast, with r-comps and a good driver it is built to do a 1m38s around Laguna.

This is a driver's car, it has no nanny systems other than ABS. It is light weight, Mid engine, and has tons of power with the new engine (read below) and supercharger.

15,000 Miles - Purchased
17,000 Miles - Factory engine dropped a valve (not the most uncommon problem on this engine)
17,000 Miles - Professionally built race engine with a super charger added by local Lotus Experts Dietsch Werks (go big or go home, right?)
17,100 Miles - Engine was broken in on dyno and tuned
17,101 Miles - Super happy car owner
23,500 Miles - Brand new Transmission installed by Suspension Performance in Mountain View, the more powerful engine ate the old one.
24,000 Miles - Today

Why would I sell a car I have put so much money and time into?
Good question, I want to built something else. I hardly keep cars for more than a year or two, plain and simple I am bored. I don't need to sell it, I have the title in hand, I am seeing what type of offers I can get for it.

Things to note:
All Stickers and vinyl will be removed by me before sale (unless you really want my monogram and numbers on your car).
2006 was a slight update from 2005
Peddles have different ride height
Gas Peddle is drive by wire
Brake lights are LED now

Front splitter, also protects front clam from scraps
Huge Rear diffuser
X type diffuser mount/license plate holder

Front Clam repaint (when I purchased the car I was not happy about the condition of the front paint (lots of chips due to lack of clear bra)).
Front Star Shield installation (super thick clear bra cut from lotus factory)
Full Car color wet sand and polish treatment
HID installation (factory lights were like candles)

Sector 111 - Ultra Disks Front
Sector 111 - Ultra Disks Rear
Porterfeild R4 Pads - Front
Porterfeild R4 Pads - Front
Front calipers have been upgraded to BOE SS HP Caliper Pistons to reduce thermal conductivity into the brake system (from 136BTU/hr to 8BTU/hr)
System currently running Motul RBF600 fluids

FULLY BUILT RACING ENGINE with ~4500 miles on it.
Engine build consisted of, New Block, New Head, forged bottom end components, lower compression (so we can add more boost down the road if we want to safely), Ferrea Valves (I know over kill), stronger springs in the head... etc.. we can discus the engine build in person with the paper work.
Katana2 Supercharger Setup
Engine was broken in on the dyno for optimal performance/safety and tuned.
Lorani 8" Exhaust
Lorani silenced De-Cat
BOE TOE Wet Sump Oil system
3-Pass Racing Radiator - All aluminum (sector111)
Upgraded oil lines running from engine to front coolers and new fittings (known factory item that can fail, causing the engine to blow up and lose of control for driver).
Enlarged Waterpump pully
Strengthened Motor mounts
Lightened Flywheel

Brand new transmission
ACT HDSS Clutch and Sprung Hub
Taller 6th gear installation to increase highway MPG and reduce engine noise.

Upgraded bushings all around to solid state (factory rubber compresses causing toe (alignment) changes while under heavy braking)
BOE - 1/2link toe-links
Nitron 46MM Racing Suspension (adjustable shocks and springs featuring low and high pressure release)
Racing alignment
Starspec Z1 tires (all purpose, good on street, good in rain, good on track; not r-comps!)

5 Point Racing harness installation and seat modification driver and passenger.
Momo removable steering wheel for getting in and out while suited up/in a Hans device.
Billet Pedals (super grippy racing pedals so your feet never slip)
Extra Laguna Seca exhaust Pipe for those pesky 92.5db days.
Sector111 - Trunk booty - protects car's truck when lugging stuff around.
Custom fit car cover in matching color pattern with matching storage bag.

I am sure I am missing all types of little things; I have a huge file with all the work done on the car. This car has exclusively been serviced and tuned at Dietsch Werks in San Jose and Suspension Performance in Mountain View. If you have made it this far, please contact me with an email that includes your name and phone number, emails that lack any of this information will not be replied to. This is an extremely fast car and I will not allow joy rides. Serious buyers I will take for a ride, once you have cash in hand I will let you drive it, but not until then.

This car also comes with a bunch of little extras, spare parts (couple sets of brand new pads, a set of spare high end rotors, car cover, and other little things here an there not listed).

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I know this car from another forum. The owner doesn't skimp on maintaining it, and the car is brutally fast. I wish I had a need for two Elises :)

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Last day remaining on auction, $33,000 reserve, not yet hit, 40+ watchers. Great chance to get this car cheap, if ebay doesn't end successfully I have three people interested in it. Will honor auction if reserve hits.
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