We recently received this 2006 Lotus Elise (naturally aspirated) & figured it'd be a great opportunity for someone to join the "Lotus Owner's Club" without having to pay today's $40K+ price tag for admission! It's not in the greatest shape aesthetically but has low mileage & is in somewhat decent shape mechanically.. Consider it the perfect 'track car candidate' or a 'cosmetic project'. It's ready to be driven home today, all that it needs is YOU in the driver's seat!

• Touring Pack
• Metallic Paint
• Star Shield PPF
• Traction Control


August 9, 2019 / 34,150 Miles
Vehicle inspected.
Intake Camshaft & Rockers replaced w/ OEM parts.
Camshaft Front Cover Gasket replaced.
Drive Belt replaced.
Engine Oil & Filter serviced.
Coolant Fluid serviced.

December 19, 2019 / 34,188 Miles
Oil Cooler Line Recall completed / Driver Left Oil Cooler replaced.

October 26, 2021 / 37,823 Miles
Vehicle inspected. The following items were noted upon inspection (most pictured & included in the listing on our website):
• It appears that the vehicle was driven onto a concrete parking block or high curb. The front aluminum undertray was bent (has since been removed) & front lower portion of the clamshell is scraped/cracked in multiple locations. The front clamshell is believed to be repairable. When the aluminum undertray was pushed rearward it very slightly dented where the tray bolts to the chassis (see photos). The front crash structure appears to be in good condition, however, please note that we did not remove the front clamshell for inspection.
• Vehicle previously had a front lower diffuser installed. There are broken remnants of the front diffuser still attached underneath the front clamshell.
• There is a 1" hairline crack + approximately 1" of surface damage to the fiberglass on the rear clamshell above the passenger rear wheel well.
• Both door shells are beginning to separate at the bottom seam. This can be repaired by either resealing OR replacing both door shells.
• The original Lotus 'Star Shield' paint protection film is heavily cracking and in need of replacement.
• The Front Lower Center Grille is cracked and in need of replacement.
• Suspension & Brake components are corroded and in need of servicing or replacement.
• The A/C Condenser Fan bearings are worn causing a grinding noise when in operation.
• Oil seepage was noted from the Front Timing Cover.
• The Wheel Lug Bolts are corroded and in need of replacement.
• Both Interior Door Grabs/Pulls are in need of replacement.
• The Rear Control Arm Bushings need serviced.
• The Tires are worn and replacement is recommended.

$37,500 OBO

Please consider this an invitation to visit Gator Motorsport, Indy Lotus! If you have any questions or wish for more information about this vehicle, or any other vehicle, please do not hesitate to call us at 855-428-6767 or email [email protected]