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Lotus Elise 2006 – Sport Edition
Lotus Elise 2006 ? Sport Edition
• 26,xxx miles – 2 Owner California Car
• Ardent Red
• 2 Tops – color matching hardtop and soft-top
• Star Shield
• VinSCCPC11176HL31007
For Sale is my pride and joy Lotus Elise of which I am the second owner. The original owner was a Newport Beach man that used the Lotus for the first 22k miles and babied the car every step of the way. I will say that I have babied the car as well although I have done approx. 10 track days. After every track day the oil has been changed, brake fluid after 2 events and tranny etc. after 3 days. Anything that the car has needed has been addressed immediately and without concern to cost. I would encourage serious buyers to talk to the two mechanics that has serviced the car so that you can be assured that of the current condition and ongoing maintenance. When Eric Gauthier of Suspension Performance had the cam covers off he said that everything was so pristine he thought it was a new motor but it’s just a perfectly maintained 26k mile engine.
I have used the Lotus as a cruiser, a summer top down car and an occasional track club day car. However since most of my cars are vintage racers the Lotus just doesn’t get used as I am trying to focus on getting faster in my vintage racers. It’s hard to drive the Lotus with its perfect turn in and now we tons of available torque/power with the BOE Supercharger and then jump into a 1960’s vintage racer!
Mechanically the car is perfect, nothing needed in maintenance or repair. Ask any questions but as far as my mechanics or I know there is nothing that needs to be done. I won’t go into everything that has been done but will ask you to look at the list of parts added as it tells the story. Actually I know there are some upgrades that I haven’t listed as I have forgotten but most of it is there.
Track Set up – Currently the Elise is set up for the track and street in that it is a harder ride with than most but this can be toned down with the shock setting or by removing the MONOballs - Spherical Bearings which telegraph more of the road but are amazing for the track. I will make this change based on buyer’s request.
Cosmetically this car is a stunning. While it’s clearly a lotus it has a different look that is even more eye catching than most. With the side scoops color matched, the front and rear color matched spoilers and the TR F1 custom wheels, it’s a head turner.
The paint is not perfect as it does have some rock chips that have been repaired but overall it’s a 8.5.
Interior is virtually as new with many upgrades, leather wrap, shift knob, etc., again, look at the list below and see the pics.

Overall Value
It is an easy argument to make that this Lotus is the fastest car around the track that you can buy for the money that you can still drive on the street while looking like you’re driving an exotic 200k car. At the same time the upkeep and reliability is mostly Toyota and parts even for the Lotus pieces are readily available.
Upgrade – Parts
• 4 sets of wheels with extra tires
o 1 set of Lotus Sport light weight wheels 16/17
o 1 set of TR Motor Sports F1 Black w/Mach Lip – super light 16/17 with Yoko 048 with 80% tread
o 1 set of Sector111 15/16 w/Hoosier C71 with 1 day
o 1 set of Roto 15/16 w/Hoosier C71 with lots of use left, I am not sure of the track days
o 1 set of used Hosier C71 16/17
• Alpine upgraded stereo with SiriusXM ($975) +
• Supercharger ($7500)
o BOE 1st level
o Fuel Surge Tank
• Coil-Over – Nitron 46mm Pro Race 1 way ($2,600)
• Larini Exhaust Sport 8” ($800)
• Custom Painted to match Exige type air scoops ($800)
• Rear Toe Link & Angle brackets
• Brake Pads
o Original
o CL RC6 Race Pads
• Aluminum oil baffle pan ($500)
• MONOballs - Spherical Bearings
• Wheel studs
• Tow Hook front
• Tow Hook rear
• 6pt Racing Harness Stroth ($275)
• V-Force Harness bar
• Seat Grommets for racing belts
• Disc Brake Upgrade – ULTRA disc front and rear ($1,600 w/pads +install)
• Gut Sport Wing 2 ($1,400 + paint and install)
• Engine mount stiffeners
• Shift Cable upgrade
• Shear panel
• H3R Fire Extinguisher & Bracket
• Micro Mirror
• Pedals – Alloy replacements
• Catch Can
• Rebuilt Alternator
• Rebuilt Throttle Body
• Lotus Classic car cover
• Glove fabric box
• Leather side pocket
Pricing: with ONE set of wheels (your choice) $35,000 b/o
Pricing with all wheels and tires $38,000 b/o
Contact Michael at [email protected]


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