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2006 Lotus Esprit

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Found this on the net, my german is pretty bad, anyone care to translate?

1300 Kg = 2866 Lbs
Mid engine 450 Hp V8
1.9 Meter = 6' 3" something?????

Babel fish translation:
Successor fuer Lotus ESPRIT

Concept central engine of sports car on Geneva salon 2006

The approximately 13000 kilograms light central engine sports car is to warden of 450 HP strong V8 aggregate propelled. It is not still decided whether Lotus develops the engine or as with the Elise to a Toyota'Triebwerk falls back. As an opponent of the still nameless two-seater Lotus Ferrari constituted 360 Modena, Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Gallardo. For the 1.9 meters broad Lotus better Platzverhaltnisse and a hohere body rigidity is to offer about 120000 euro. Lotus hopes for 1500 sales jahrlich. AuBerdem in planning: middle series fur 80000 euro

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Wow. It has a small resemblance to the Espirt and looks a bit like the Lambos.

I can't read German but it looks like it's around 450 horse power and would cost around $97K USD ($80 Euros).
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