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VIN # please?

ANTINYM 's arctic silver 2006 Exige also had: LSS wheels, Vision stage 1 , and two owners.

However his car had track time and 56,000 miles on it.

So this must be its twin?

USAA said they will insure me on an Exige, so I am looking again.



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Sorry, my mistake, this Exige does have 56,XXX miles, not 36,500, as originally stated.
This is the same car as mentioned above.
Some more info:
2bular 8x24 Exhaust with Adjustable GT3 tip.
Blinder laser jammer
Kenwood 6"sub behind the drivers seat

Has also:
New R888 on rears
New serpentine belt
New urethane motor mounts, front and rear
Clutch has 2k milles on it. ACT HD
Fidanza fly wheel
Taller 6th gear
Cool fuzzy headliner!
Dyno'd at 250 wheel HP
Awesome! Thanks!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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