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2006 NA Exige
Laser blue/Black
Touring pack
Note: According to Andy Graham, Lotus archivist this car is listed on the certificate of provenance as "The only US '06MY Exige in the same colour / trim / options" however I have seen others for sale representing the same notation so possibly this is either 1 of 1 or BS, you sort it out. Not many of these made so I guess it's possible but I never touted it. Either way you can have the certificate of provenance (I'll even throw in the frame) with the sale and tout it however you wish.
Second Owner, original owner sold it to me on this site.
9852 miles, bought with 4040 miles on it
Arqray Single Tip exhaust (naked). (I have original exhaust and all parts to put it back to stock, yours with the sale)
Painted engine cover
HID headlights
Red brake calipers (Not sure if this is factory)
Stripes are vinyl and can be removed
Other than that, stock (not sure about the rearview mirror)
I have both sets of keys, window sticker and all manuals.
Almost new Toyo R888's ( I would recommend putting the A048's back on it when these run out. It's true that the designed tires make the car)
Always serviced at Lotus of Austin
It has protective paint coatings though not sure it's actual "starshield". Film is on front, mirrors, front of the back wheels and complete back. Car stated it came with lifestyle paint not sure if that includes "starshield". Either way it's been well protected.
Original owner did not track and neither did I.

I'm a QA manager in the semiconductor industry so I look at every detail. Here's what I have found:

1)Rub mark on driver seat, by the seat belt (not sure how this could happen as I fit the seat well and the belt does not rub. Noticed on another for sale post a low mileage Exige with the exact same issue)

2) Headliner was sagging so I removed it. Pain in the butt getting all the glue off. It was some cheap cloth and foam so I decided not to repair what was there. I personally like it the way it is but if you want a headliner factor it in. Not sure how that could have added any sound reduction at all.

3) Throws a P0171 code from time to time. Irritating because Lotus of Austin could not even diagnose, but ironically if you click the gas cap one more than the required three it does not happen. Either way it passes Texas state inspection without any issue. I carry an OBD reader and just clear the code. (Yes I have looked for all vacuum leaks etc...and so has Lotus of Austin)

4) Piece that covers the sun visors has the same issue as the headliner (sagging). I took this piece off for visibility but have not stripped the cloth off.

5) Steering wheel is sticky on the air bag and slight scratches on the silver part (just as I bought it). I have some plasti dip and was going to repair. You can have the can and do it yourself if it bothers you.

6) Stripes really need to be removed or fixed if your a detail person. Several area's especially at the roof connections and grill that look crappy. After awhile it did not bother me, but buyer be known.

7) Car has a lien on it so if getting the title the next day is an issue please pass. My credit union will assist anyone purchasing the car, however if you want a loan and can qualify it's through a federal credit union @ 1.65%.

That's about it expect for price: 37,900 No best offer unless it's higher

For those of you that can't pm email me at bryanalyea at att dot net

Thanks all, I have really enjoyed the Lotus and this site.

Attached are pictures taken today, it truly is a beautiful car.....


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Your pictures don't do this color justice, when I was originally looking I passed on a lot of Blue Lotus cars until I really saw laser blue. It is so much better than it shows in pictures.

Maybe I am biased because I want a laser blue Exige and have a Laser Blue Elise :)
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