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I believe these work for Elises too, but not 100% on that.

These are not in great condition - the lens covers have been removed and reglued, and in the process some paint has come off. There are numerous scratches on the lenses, some big, and there are heat marks/bubbling on the plastic near the headlights.

The mount holes have broken off, have been epoxied back, epoxy broke off, so steel supports have been riveted on. This looks ugly(though no one will ever see the underside), but it's perfectly functional, these mount up just fine.

Pictures here:!AnQVs9VmTOTawUmY2WZHj_isr4aX

If you are a detail-oriented person, these are going to need some work to get looking good - you'll need to remove the lens covers again, repaint the black areas, buff and polish the interior and exterior of the covers, and re-glue. The heat marks on the plastic won't be easy to remove, but they are not terribly visible.

If you don't mind looking at lights from 5 ft away, then these are for you.

A new pair of housings + covers go for $1k. Asking $275 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking!

Edit: Forgot to mention, at one point I tried to take a 3M headlight restoration kit to the drivers' side lens, which made it much worse(do NOT use these products unless your lights look horrendous, they will only make it worse!), so the the drivers side is slightly hazier than the passengers. Not by a huge amount, but again, if details bother you, this will.
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