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2007 Ardent Red Elise 36k miles Socal Supercharged

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Well, I've dragged my feet on this for as long as I can. I've never kept a car longer than one year because I love the variety but the Elise has just been something special. I'm the third owner. I purchased the car from another forum member in January of 2012. It's got both sport and touring packages. I kept it fairly similar until last year when I finally had the time and funds to give it a little more spunk and make it as reliable as possible. Many people skip the reliability bits in place of go-fast bits...

The car has been meticulously maintained. I use Motul oil every 4 months (don't get enough miles on the car to wait for the 3,000 mark). The paint does have rock chips where the starsheild is not present. This is typical and lotus paint is extra thin (paint is heavy). I recently replaced the front starsheild as there was a chip in the bumper. The chip was properly fixed with fiberglass and that section was painted. Again, this is a common issue and one that I purchased the car with but I had the connections to get it fixed right for then next owner and it also meant prolonging the sale so...

I've put on over $15K in parts alone on top of the previous owner. Here is how she sits now.

Current Milage-36xxx miles
Sport and Touring packages
Tan leather interior

BOE Rev 300 Kit Installed Fall 2013 (has 3500 miles on it and pulls flawlessly)
BOE Surge Tank
BOE Total Oil Control Wet Sump
Lotus stage 2 exhaust
Sector111 Catch Can
Lotus 111 Rear Motor Mount

Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
Rota Torque 16/17 Lotus fitment
Yokohama R888 195/225 (1K miles on them)
EBC Brakes Rotor GD1190
Portfield R4S Pads
Forged wheel studs
Sector111 Steering Arms (more camber)
Sector111 RTD brace
Blackwatch Bar front sway bar (stock sway included)

Sector111 harness bar camera / radar detector mount
Sector111 fire extinguisher mount and Halguard extinguisher
Sector111 Darth holder cup holder
Sector111 Bootie
Sparco Cup Wheel
NRG Quick Relese
Heavy shift nob
Schroth Profi 5-point harnesses
Sector111 Harness grommets fitted to driver seat (have grommets for other seat -never installed)
Aluminum Carpet Buttons

Gut Sport Front wing
2010 Exige carbon fiber rear wing
Lotus side grill update
Sector111 Tow Hooks front and rear
Lotus Factory driving lights
Radium Engineering clamshell kit



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Great deal for someone else. Why modify if you are going to sell in one year?
It's kind of an addiction but I also thought I'd keep the car forever. New business venture means I need to let go of a few things for a while but the plan is to come back 100x better :)

Where are you located in SoCal? Passes smog?
Laguna Beach, work in Long Beach. Passed CA smog with flying colors.

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I never got the dyno printout from DRS when I had them put it on the dyno and test it. I had a couple tunes from BOE and ended up going with one that was much safer and didn't lean out like the others. It was in the 240s but that's also on a SuperFlow dyno which reads 4-6% lower than a dyno jet.
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