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Year: 2007
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Mileage (numbers only please): 42000
Options (Please check ALL which apply): Airbags, Air Conditioning, Alarm System, Antilock Brakes, Cruise Control, Foglamps, Intermittent Wipers, Leather Seats, Power Brakes, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Power Windows, Sunroof, Traction Control
Color: Midnight Blue
VIN: WP0AB29987S733083
Price (no $ sign please): $38500
Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
Location (Region): Midwestern
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission Type: Manual - 6 speed
2 or 4 Wheel Drive?: 2 Wheel Drive
Engine Type: Fuel Injection
Stereo System: AM-FM CD

Unique 2007 Carrera S (manual) Sport Chrono package – no nav.
68000 miles on chassis, and 42000 miles on Porsche replacement motor, please see below for details!
$38500 or looking for a Lotus Elise in trade

I am listing my 2007 Porsche 911 Carrera S (6 speed manual) for sale. The car is midnight blue with full leather optioned Natural Brown interior, (Dash Is also leather wrapped) a hard color combo to match or come by. Clean title, no accidents There is a lien on the car. I have included a summarized version of the work done, maintenance, and parts replaced paper work typed out below. Every instance listed has a receipt of the work done and i have included the major part numbers. I can email the scans of all the work for interested parties i could not figure out how to just attach the word document so please forgive the way it is presented. The car was owned previously by a Long time PCA member and does have track time. ( i am a PCA member also) The Motor was replaced with a used Porsche sourced motor at 56660 miles. The motor was verified at 31k miles, All paperwork and receipts are available. I purchased the car with around 58000 miles. The car is truly a blast to drive with many tasteful modifications for those who enjoy a track racer with the comfort of a daily driver. I will note that when I purchased the car the stock interior was back in the car. The car currently has a hood clear bra installed, the Bumper clear bra was removed a month before I purchased the car and the paint is in good condition. Here are a few of the highlights please read through the entire list below. You will find the car has been extremely well taken care of, maintained, and driven how Porsche's are meant to be driven. This car is as close as you can get to being a GT3 without the seats and the motor. Probably my favorite feature of the car is with a touch of the psm button the Bilstien coilovers put you on a stiff ultra responsive setting that can be turned back to a sports car comfortable ride in an instant. Heated sport seats look great and work perfectly. No leaking fluids. Sunroof and Active Aero working great. Brakes are smooth when cold and bite perfectly when hot, large amount of pad left, (running HPD’s) Clutch grabs perfectly and transmission shifts great! The Car Has WEVO poly motor mounts and it really improves the feel of the car in shifting. The suspension is extremely stable. Paint is in good shape for the mileage. One extremely small ding right underneath the drivers side mirror. Currently wearing Bridgestone Potenza ps04 Pole positions. Lots of new and newer parts. New Serpentine belt installed, New AGA OEM Transmission mount pressed in, new Maxspeed xpipe with fabspeed mini cats installed, (still have stock cats with piping, drivers side cause a deficiency error so i upgraded to the x pipe, also have Function first Street/track transmission mount inserts uninstalled to go with the car ) Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Email: [email protected]

Parts and Service records

GT3 sway bars
GT3 control arms
GT3 style 3rd radiator kit
Guard LSD
Bilstien PSS9 PASM (damptronic) Coilovers
Used Porsche sourced replacement motor (verified 0 track miles) details below

2007 Porsche 911 Carrera S VIN- WP0AB29987S733083
Maintenance Documents-Records-replacements.
((((((((LPDWR- Local Porsche Dealer With Receipt))))))))))))
Every instance listed I have a record and reciept for.

October 14th - LPDWR
Mileage -10423
new battery
oil change
aluminum seal ring


April 11th - LPDWR
Hood micro switch replaced after front lock removed examined and reinstalled

July 12th - LPDWR
Flat tire replaced- right rear
Hood switch acting up again, no issue found

September 29th- LPDWR
Mileage- 25458
oil change
aluminum seal ring
seat belt retractor (driverside) ordered
engine fan not working, fan removed, fuse replaced, fan reinstalled


March 16th -
Two new rear tires- mount balance
Pennsylvania State Safety Inspection, Emmissions Inspection
Yearly Maintenance with Oil and Filter performed
Brake Fluid Flush


January 30th - LPDWR
PPI performed/compression test/checked sunroof, door drains
Replaced mounting hardware and chase muffler mounting studs

March 13th - LPDWR
Summary – Customer request install suspension components for track
installed front GT3 lower control arms and shims, also
installed TPC adjustable rear toe links. Customer
states perform 4/40, 8/80, 12/120, 16/160 interval. Major
maintenance: perform major maintenance as prescribed,
changed engine oil filter pollen filter air filter, check
serpentine belt condition, spark plugs , ignition coils, wiper
blades, flush brake system, check tires, fluid levels , check
lighting, vacuum radiator ducts, clear drains, scan and clear
all fault odes from DME, reset service reminder, Lube
doors, seals, hinges, roof. Set oil level.

Part numbers-
(1) 996-341-122-90 track control arm
(1) 996-341-122-90 track control arm
(2) 996-341-543-91 control arm shim
(2) 996-341-543-92 control arm shim
(2) 996-341-543-93 control arm shim
(2) 996-341-441-90 control arm flange
(4) 999-025-269-02 washer
(4) 900-076-064-02 hexagon nut
4 wheel alignment track street settings applied
Installed track pads front/rear Xpt10’s
Rear toe links
SRF Brake Fluid
Oil change/ Filter/ Aluminum seal ring
(6) spark plugs
(6) ignition coils
cabin air filter
wiper blades
turn signal bulb

April 26th - LPDWR
Mileage- 40149
Install roll bar and race seats and Harness’s
Oil change, filter, aluminum seal ring
Performed all minor maintenance for due time and mileage

July 10th - LPDWR
Installed center radiator kit
bleed cooling system
trunk release switch broken, installed new door sill switch
(Tip switch module replaced)
Oil change, filter, aluminum seal ring, Completed minor
maintenance, fluid checks

September 27th -
battery replaced- 5 year warranty with receipt

September 10th- LPDWR
Mileage- 43404
Perform Minor Maintenance
Oil change, Filter, aluminum seal ring
Perform track inspection for saftey
Requested replacement of LF wheel bearing
(1) 999-053-054-06

November 11th - LPDWR
Summary- slipping issues with clutch, R/R trans and
replaced pressure plate, clutch disc. And
throw out bearing. Upon removal found rear main seal
leaking as well as clutch slave cyl. Removed flywheel and
replaced rear main seal. Reinstalled flywheel, and
installed new clutch components, reinstalled trans (NM3) and
installed and bled new clutch slave cyl. After all components
were installed, test drove vehicle and certified
that it was driving and shifting properly.
(1) 997-116-913-15 Set Clutch
(1) 997-116-080-01 Release Bearing
(1) 997-101-212-01 Shaft Sealing RI
(8) 999-073-092-02 Pan- Head Screw 1
(1) 997-116-237-04 AS Slave Cylinder
Perform track inspection and safety inspection


March 17th- LPDWR
Customer request LSD installed
(1) Guard LSD installed
Gear oil, adjusting ring, Guard Differential
(1) 996-332-266-54 adjusting ring
Power steering pump making noise, Replaced pump, res. Return line, orings, new fluid
(1) 996-314-050-x Power steering pump
(1) 996-314-050-x Core return
(1) 997-314-220-00 steering fluid T
(1) 999-707-204-40 rubber o-ring
(1) 996-314-427-00 Supporting Ring
(1) 997-347-441-02 AS return line
(1) 996-332-266-58 Adjusting Ring
(1) 996-332-266-56 Adjusting ring
Perform 2 year interval Brake flush Replaced with SRF

March 27th- LPDWR
4 wheel alignment

April 24th- LPDWR
Shifter INOP - resecured cables and secured them in place
Gear oil leak
(1) 997-332-804-01 Shaft sealing RI
Diff Bearing was replaced and shim depth for the lsd unit was
corrected, seal replaced

June 17th LPDWR
Request wheel bearing work.
Replaced both front wheel bearings
(2) 999-053-054-06
(2) 996-347-131-04 Replaced both front tie rod ends
Alignment performed

October 13th
Purchased (2) WEVO 997 Engine mounts

October 17th
Purchased 997 Bilstien Coilover Setup PN#49-115604
Bilstein Damptronic Suspension kit.

October 29th LPDWR
Installed Supplied Bilstien PSS9 PASM Coilovers W/new stock
upper strut components, WEVO motor mounts, leveled and
prepped vehicle.
(2) 997-347-322-01 Inner Tie Rod (replaced)
(2) 996-343-515-05 Ball Bearing, ST (replaced)
(2) 997-343-018-01 Shock Support (replaced)
(2) 997-333-061-01 Support Mount (replaced)
Alignment performed

March 19th
Tarett Drop links and tie rod ends purchased from Tarett

March 30th- LPDWR
Customer request replaced stock sway bars with GT3 sway
bars, Tarret Drop links
(1) 997-343-701-94 Stabilizer
(2) 997-343-792-00 Bushing
(1) 997-333-701-96 Stabilizer
(2) 997-333-792-95 Stabilizer MOU
Perform scheduled maintenance, oil change,filter,alum.
Seal ring. Check fluids, lights, TPMS, TPMS issue re-
occurring, nothing replaced at this time.

November 11th- LPDWR
Mileage- 53723
Minor Maintenance requested,
Oil change, filter, alum. Seal ring.
Customer states LF door window does not stay dropped
down after opening.
(1) 3D1-837-015 Door lock (replaced)
(3) 955-555-243-00 fixing clip (replaced)
Horn issue, removed front apron replaced horns with
updated parts
(1) 997-635-215-00 Horn replaced
(1) 997-635-206-04 Horn replaced
(2) 997-612-947-00 Cable- adapter replaced


June 16th-
Windshield (antenna) (encapsulated) (rain sensor) Ordered/
Sensor Gel Sensor Gel (sensor tack) Replaced

September 6th-
Alignment, (The alignment shop,inc.)

November 7th-
Ordered (4) TPMS IM-3106 433 MHz for Porsche 997
Ordered from OE Wheels, ([email protected])
Notes say- Eon brand
December 21st
Mileage-56660 Layland Motors
Summary: Engine timing is off. Removed spark plugs and
checked compression, bank 2 all at 210 psi- left bank at 0.
removed engine, found metal through engine, replaced
engine with used, (LOCATED by Porsche Technician listed
on documents. He performed the majority of previous work,
Spoke with him personally before buying the vehicle. Engine
came out of a cabriolet with 31000 miles, noted as having 0
track miles.) Transfered all parts necessary to complete,
bled cooling system, replaced water pump, rear main seal,
spark plugs, oil separator, evacuated and recharged ac
system, Installed the provided 4 TPMS sensors,
(1) 997-107-038-00 oil separator
(1) 997-106-011-06 water pump
(1) 996-106-125-53 thermostat
(8) 999-073-092-02 flywheel bolts
(1) 997-101-212-01 rear main seal
(2) 996-111-107-55 exh. Mainfold gasket
(2) 997-111-113-00 exh flange gasket
(6) FGR5KQEO spark plugs
Oil change, miscellaneous bolts washers nuts. Full list on
(1) 3.8 Engine,31k miles(engine vin WP0CB299165767728)
(37,340 miles current)


February 2nd-
Layland Motors
(1) 948-113-203-51 secondary air valve replaced because
of CEL

May 8th- LPDWR
Oil change performed, Alum. Seal ring replaced with filter.
Performed 10k mile service, along with Multi point
Noted that water pump, drive belt and air filters needed
replaced according to original car motor mileage
(everything but air filters replaced during replacement
engine install)

June 4th-
Coolant expansion tank, split on a hot day of driving.
Ordered parts from Suncoast Parts and Accessories. Had
Oem Coolant expansion tank installed. Coolant system
filled and bled properly.
(1) 996-106-157-03 Coolant Expansion tank R/R

August 14th
New driverside rear TPMS installed

November 3rd
NEW maxspeed motor sport x pipe with mini cats installed (MaxSpeed/ Fabspeed) with shipping invoice
NEW oem Transmission mount pressed in (AGA OEM Porsche Transmission Mount) with receipt
NEW Serpentine Belt (oriellys Gates Racing belt) with receipt
FRESH oil change! (pelican parts kit) with receipt


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