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2007 Chilli Red Lotus Exige S For Sale

First of all, thanks @maxshuty for writing up such a nice post for his sale that I had to "borrow" the format! As an expression of my gratitude, please take a look at his Exige for sale at

This 2007 Lotus Exige S has ~12,700 miles. It has factory traction control, track pack, touring pack, and limited slip differential. It has the LifeStyle paint upgrade in Chilli Red. It also has a clear bar…not StarShield, but the same, if not better, coverage than StarShield provides. As a 2007 Exige it is supercharged right from the factory.

I have a letter from Lotus Archives and the certificate of provenance. The certificate shows that this car is #106 out of 441 cars for the US Market 2007 model year. It is #3 out of 15 in Chilli Red. It is the **only one** in this color and trim level. Literally a one of a kind car!

This car has a clean history and has never been in any accidents. I am the second owner. The first was an elderly gentleman who found he could not get in and out of the car very well. I purchased the car with 4,444 miles on the odometer from Auto Europe in Birmingham, Michigan.

This car has many very desirable and tasteful upgrades such as the Koldfire 270 tune, Larini S Club Sport exhaust, and stellCORSE forged wheels. The tires are practically brand new, having 6/32 of 6/32 tread on the front and 5/32 of 6/32 on the rear.

The air conditioner works great in this car!!! (Based on other people’s experience, I feel I got lucky with that.)

  • BOE Koldfire 270 tune (flash cable and software comes with car)
  • Larini S Club Sport exhaust (original exhaust included)
  • Larini straight pipe (not installed but included with car)
  • Manly polyurethane engine mounts
  • Radium oil catch cans
  • Custom forged stellaCORSE wheels
  • Short shifter
  • Billet aluminum oil filler cap
  • Fumoto oil drain valve
  • Extensive clear bra (Front, mirrors, rocker panels, rear behind wheels)
  • Driving lamp kit
  • Custom vinyl racing stripes
  • Round rear Lotus badging
  • Rear view camera (can be always on)
  • Removed sun visors (included with car)
  • Lotus Sport windshield decal (works much better than sun visors)
  • Removed windshield wiper (included with car)
  • Momo Nero Reverse Shift Knob
  • Disabled Daytime Running Lights (can be easily enabled)
  • Painted center console
  • Painted climate control bezel
  • Vinyl Stig decal (can be easily removed)
  • Easy battery tender hook up (get a battery tender and plug it in…forget that, I will throw in mine!)

The car has some small chips on the front fenders and in the clear bra from normal driving. The nicks in the clear bra do not got down to the paint. Overall, the exterior is in excellent condition. Three rims are in perfect condition. One rim has a tiny, hard to see scuff on the lip but is in great condition. (I have no idea how it got there but it happened sometime in 2018.) The stripes are vinyl and can be removed if so desired. The spelled-out LOTUS badging on the rear has been removed and replaced with the round rear Lotus badge.

The car has only been handwashed. I can count on one hand the number of times it has been driven in the rain. I do my own polishing, glazing, and waxing. It is always garaged when not being driven and properly stored for the winter.

The windshield wiper has been removed because I don’t drive it in the rain and it kept distracting me while driving. I have the wiper and it is included with the purchase of the car.

The only real exterior issue is a small crack on the bottom of the right side running board. It is not visible unless you are under the car. It is about an inch and a half long. The end has been drilled to prevent further cracking. I keep an eye on it and it has not grown in the 8,000+ miles I have owned the car.

The interior is super clean and in great condition. The center console and climate control bezel have been painted with a textured black paint. The steering wheel airbag cover has a few light scratches in it. Seems like they all do that. The shifter has been replaced with a short throw shifter and the shift knob replaced with a Momo Nero Reverse shift knob. It has Lotus Sport floor mats with aluminum fasteners—those fasteners are the first “mod” I ever got for it!

The engine internals and supercharger set up are all stock. Radium oil catch cans have been added to keep oil out of the intercooler. The engine mounts have been replaced with polyurethane mounts to get the power to the ground more directly. The Larini S Club Sport exhaust pops and burbles exactly how you would want a sports car to sound. It is only loud when you get on it and there is no drone at cruising speeds. A Larini straight pipe is also included in the sale.

The car comes with the BOE Koldfire 270 tune. What an incredible difference from stock! Best upgrade ever (IMO, of course). Not only does it add 60HP or so, it fixes the common stock software problem of stalling when coming to a stop. The flash cable and software (stock tune and Koldfire tune) will come with the car.

  • The oil line recall service has not yet been performed.
  • A few small paint chips and clear bra chips from normal driving.
  • Lotus ECU Bug – Upon flashing the ECU, the engine code in the VIN changes to the cup car engine code (“V” to “W”). This causes the car to not be in a ready state for emissions testing (in Ohio) since the ECU VIN does not match the chassis VIN. Reflashing the stock tune using the Koldfire cable does not refresh the VIN to what it is supposed to be. A Lotus recall fixed the problem, but it has to be flashed at the Lotus dealership. Re-flashing Koldfire 270 after the Lotus dealership flash will cause the engine code to change again. I have registered the vehicle as a collector car to avoid having to flash back and forth for emissions testing.
  • There is a small crack in right side running board on underside of vehicle. It is about an inch and a half long. This is not visible unless under car. The end of the crack has been drilled to prevent the crack from getting bigger. It has been there since I purchased the car. I keep a very close eye on it and it has not grown in the 8,000+ miles I have owned the car.
  • There is a small chip in windshield decal. (No chip in the windshield.) It doesn’t affect anything, but it offends my slightly OCD senses.
  • The right front oil cooler rattles against undertray under certain conditions (ambient and oil cooler temperature). Needs a simple adjustment.
  • One rim has a tiny, hard to see scuff on the lip but is in great condition.

It has been an extremely tough decision to sell the Lotus. Bottom line, I just don’t get to drive it enough. I only put 200 miles on it last year, and I could use the cash for other immediate projects.

The car has never been on one. I would have liked to but was never able to find the time.

Clean title in hand!

Near Cleveland. More precisely, North Ridgeville, OH 44039. I can pick you up from the CLE airport if you fly in. If you choose to have it trailered I can accommodate that as well.

$66,900. This is the asking price. Why is it priced higher than the other Lotus Exige’s for sale? The rarity (only one in the country in this color and trim level), the very low miles, the Koldfire 270 tune, the Larini exhaust, and the stellaCORSE wheels.

Still think it’s too much? Make me an offer. I can be persuaded. $66,900 will send it out the door immediately. All other offers will considered. Reasonable offers will get a response.

Thanks for your interest!!!

PS – My original account is robwaw. For some reason I can no longer log into that account. If you search for that user you will see I have been a member of this site for much longer than a few days.


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