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I am selling my 2007 chrome orange Exige S I am the original owner.
The car has 43300 miles on it.

Factory options:
-lifestyle paint
-track pack
-star shield
-touring pack
-MSRP $64,855.

My goal with this car was to have a car that was still usable on the street but also perform better than a stock car on the track.
The car is mechanically perfect, corner balanced and aligned.

The car has been on the track .I participate in Jack’s track days, no over revs or standing starts and I never use 2nd gear to save the syncros.
Never and damage..

Dealer warranty work:
- replaced radiator @ 30k
- replaced steering rack @ 30k

I had the clutch upgraded to an ACT HD at 25,000 miles not because of failure but as preventive maintenance because the stock Toyota pressure plates tend to fail and can cause the transmission to be destroyed.

-2 ECUs one with a C 265 tune and 1 stock
-Nitron single adjustable shocks with 525&650 springs
-Volk CN 28 wheels 15X7&16X8 Toyo 888s 205s&245s
-Sector 111 toe brace
-Catch cans
-Four point harness driver side
-sector 111 front spoiler

The car is over maintained (documented).
-Oil changed every 1-2K
- Transmission fluid MT 90+ GM
- Brake and clutch fluid flushed 3 to 4 times per year
- Cams are perfect
- Trans syncros excellent
- Compression 230-235-240-240
- Nut and bolt inspections 4 X Per Year
- Mechanically the car is perfect
-Cosmetically I will give the car a B+--A-.
There is normal roughness on the star shield in front of the rear wheels and some tiny stone chips.

Sorry for the shadows in the pictures I took them late today.
If you would like to see more please email me I cant figure out how to downsize them to load on the post. .

The car is in Santa Barbara CA. Priced at $36,000

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me direct at 805-969-0893 8am-8pm PT Or email me at [email protected]

Thanks carl


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Forgot to add

Thanks for all the interest and calls.
I forgot to add some items that are on the car.
-odessy battery
- front and rear motor mount inserts ( Manleys)
-sector adjustable sway bar drop links
- trunk bootie (sector 111)
The car is being shown starting today.carl

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Thanks so much for all the interest, a sale is pending . I had 15 buyers call/email i think i priced it to low!! Oh well, a deal is a deal..carl
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