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Up for sale is my 2007 Lotus Exige S. The car has been built from OEM by me. I have all receipts stored in a folder in my office. I have spared no expense on this build. It has given me 3 and a half years of happiness, but it's time for me to move on. The car has been trouble free mechanically. This car is a track and autocross monster.

Track pack and Touring pack. PPI's are welcome.

The car has been religiously maintained.

The following is the mod list.

Suntek Ultra PPF (Front clam, flares, side skirts, mirrors, access panels)
CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating
Hethelsport Widebody Kit (Carbon Fiber)
Carbon Fiber Barge Boards
GRP Side Skirts
Reverie Front Splitter
GRP 2010+ Style Wing in CF
Rotiform QLB Wheels
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R
Difflow Railer Jr Diffuser
GRP V3 Tail Lights
BOE Rear Panel Delete
BOE Clam Hinge
Crown Rally 2020 Livery
Front plate adapter
HID Conversion

Nitron ClubSport Coilovers
BOE Toe Links
Inokinetic ball joints and tie rods

Sparco Wheel
NRG Hub + Extender
Pioneer NEX Head Unit with android auto and apple carplay
Sparco Harness w/ Pads (driver and pass)
Microfiber suede headliner

Radium Catch Can
Radium Swirl Tank
BOE QS Exhaust

Parts I Have yet havent installed:
Wizard Cooling Radiator with 2.5 inch core
StopTech Steel stainless steel brake lines

OEM Parts I still have that will come with the car:
Original Coilovers
original splitter
original wing
Original muffler

Other parts:
GRP Flat Splitter

The car does have a few flaws:
1. There are a few paint chips. I will post them in a future post since I can only add 10 pics
2. I recently noticed the passenger airbag cover clips have been snapped. These are cheap to replace.

Asking $70k OBO

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Very impressive!

07 Aspen White Exige S - MT
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Looks like a Factory Five GTM
Interesting, that’s a neat looking vehicle. I’ve never done any research on them but I sure like the look. Looks like a Ford GT had a kid with an Exige. The interiors from some of the google images looks a lot to be desired, but I guess that all depends on how deep your packets are to finish out to whatever standards are wanted.
Back on subject, sorry for the slight derail.

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Hey, is there anything done to up the performance on the Exige S in keeping with its aggressive looks. Roughly where are you in Maryland. Thx in advance Jim

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